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    Redefining Productivity

    Productivity is usually defined by how much you get done in a certain amount of time, the difficulty of the tasks completed, or the measure of the tasks finished. This leads to many people, myself included, trying to get many things done in a day so that they can feel their day was well-used. Those who sit on their front steps and watch the world go by, go for a stroll, play some video games, spend time reading, etc. may not get as many tasks finished in a day, but were they truly “less productive?” If a person gets five individual projects done in a day and then plays a…

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    Local Community or Foreign Missions?

    I am not currently a member of a church, nor do I wish to be at this time. However, I am regularly attending a church in my area. This church I attend puts an emphatic emphasis on missions…especially foreign missions. This leads me to wonder if we sometimes place so much emphasis on spreading the Gospel around the world that we forget to do it in our own backyards. We are a nation largely founded by Christian men and women, but I don’t think we can call ourselves a Christian nation. With abortion being legal, pornography running rampant, the breakdown of the family unit, and the embracing of the idea…

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    Seeing People For Who They Are

    I just spent a few moments watching my youngest son, who is two years old. He was hanging from the piano and trying to pull himself up to reach the tape measure I had placed there. As I was observing him I couldn’t help but smile and consider how blessed parents are. Here I was watching my son, so full of unhidden pleasure and happiness. It led me to think about how we often-times fail to really look at people and see who they are. When we are around other people I think we tend to mix up who that person is, with their actions. Now, actions can be a…

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    What is Your Worldview?

    It is my opinion that everyone has a worldview, a system of beliefs through which they see and process the world. Religion of some kind is probably the most popular lens to see the world through, but philosophy is also a common tool. My worldview is a Christian one, it is the soil which I root my knowledge of right and wrong in. It is where I find guidance at certain crossroads in life and the way through which I try to better myself. Whenever I read a news article, learn something new about someone, meet someone new, hear a song on the radio, watch a movie, experience challenges as…

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    The Importance of Balancing Hobbies

    I really enjoy playing video games and watching videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, those are both hobbies that keep my butt firmly planted in a seat and my eyes glued to a screen…neither of those are exactly healthy. I have to make an effort to balance those two hobbies with my other, more active hobbies. Video games can challenge one’s mind and critical thinking, but once I get the hang of a game I find myself spacing out from time-to-time because my mind just isn’t being challenged enough. Watching YouTube videos is typically pure entertainment, it doesn’t exactly put hurdles in front of your brain. Woodworking on the other hand requires…