The Importance of Balancing Hobbies

I really enjoy playing video games and watching videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, those are both hobbies that keep my butt firmly planted in a seat and my eyes glued to a screen…neither of those are exactly healthy. I have to make an effort to balance those two hobbies with my other, more active hobbies. Video games can challenge one’s mind and critical thinking, but once I get the hang of a game I find myself spacing out from time-to-time because my mind just isn’t being challenged enough. Watching YouTube videos is typically pure entertainment, it doesn’t exactly put hurdles in front of your brain.

Woodworking on the other hand requires me to be self-aware enough that I don’t cut off an appendage or mess up a workpiece. Plus I usually have to come up with my own designs that take my limited resources (and skills) into account, forcing me to employ both critical and creative thinking skills. Woodworking also requires that I get up off of my hind quarters, so there’s that.

Bird watching demands that I practice the art of patience and preparedness, as any bird may fly to one of my trees or feeders at any time. I also need to know what the different types of birds are in my area…because what is the point of bird watching if you don’t know what kind of bird you are watching? I should also be fairly well-versed in the behaviors, sizes, colorings, mating habits, nesting habits, and territorial disposition of these flying raptors. All of this asks that I study and stay informed, thus utilizing more thinking skills than I would while watching a YouTuber opine on what the NBA would be like if LeBron James went to college.

Collecting Pokemon cards requires I be well organized, that is, if I wish to be able to find and admire what I own. I need to hunt and scour through websites to find the cards I need to fill in the gaps of my collection, preferably at the lowest price possible.

Playing basketball gets me out of the house and off my keister. I burn calories and increase my endorphin levels, thus staying physically, mentally, and emotionally healthier. A bonus is that I have to think of creative ways to get around defenders (mostly imaginary ones) because as an out of shape adult I lack blow-by speed and dominating strength. Side-note, despite my lack of speed and power I do win most of my games.

Having a variety of hobbies will make your life more interesting, healthier, and more enjoyable because each one challenges you in different ways. So don’t be afraid to test out a new interest or force yourself to get off your buttocks and doing something else. Stave off mental, emotional, and physical health issues by getting out there and living life the way you were intended to, enjoying creation and the company of other human beings.


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