The Joy of Rain

For many people, a rainy day is a “droopy” and depressing day. However, for some of us, a rainy day has a more pleasing affect on our moods. We might feel invigorated, with new energy coursing through our veins or perhaps a more calming, content frame of mind. I myself am of the calm and contented variety when rain is trickling down my window panes or pounding against my roof.

I enjoy the muted colors of the trees, streets, and houses around me while it rains. They may look gloomy to some, but to me they look earthy and real. More than the colors, I enjoy the sounds of rain. The tapping against my windows, the water tumbling through my down-spouts and cascading across the lawn, the rough beating upon my roof…all sounds of muted vibrancy. The thrumming of the wind between and around obstacles and the gentle rustling of the leaves and branches in the trees add to the ambiance. These are all sounds that calm me and help me to feel cozy and secure…content.

Along with a snowy winter day, a rainy day is my favorite time to read and take a nap. Unfortunately, these days can be short-lived. A consolation is that they typically herald cooler weather, which is also a favorite of mine. I suppose that if a rainy day occurred more often I might begin to take it for granted. In everything, moderation.


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