What is Your Worldview?

It is my opinion that everyone has a worldview, a system of beliefs through which they see and process the world. Religion of some kind is probably the most popular lens to see the world through, but philosophy is also a common tool.

My worldview is a Christian one, it is the soil which I root my knowledge of right and wrong in. It is where I find guidance at certain crossroads in life and the way through which I try to better myself. Whenever I read a news article, learn something new about someone, meet someone new, hear a song on the radio, watch a movie, experience challenges as a parent, etc. I try to pass it through the filters that are my Christian beliefs. The fact I fail to do this properly sometimes, or even at all in some circumstances, does not negate the fact that Christianity is my worldview.

Since everyone has a worldview, please feel free to share yours in the comments. If you find it difficult to place a label upon it, then perhaps you could describe it. Do not let my Christianity keep you from being forthcoming, I am not looking for an opportunity to preach at you. I simply wish to make this type of subject less taboo to discuss, seeing as how it affects so many on such a deep level. How can we truly share ourselves with others if we are afraid to talk about our worldview?


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