Local Community or Foreign Missions?

I am not currently a member of a church, nor do I wish to be at this time. However, I am regularly attending a church in my area. This church I attend puts an emphatic emphasis on missions…especially foreign missions. This leads me to wonder if we sometimes place so much emphasis on spreading the Gospel around the world that we forget to do it in our own backyards.

We are a nation largely founded by Christian men and women, but I don’t think we can call ourselves a Christian nation. With abortion being legal, pornography running rampant, the breakdown of the family unit, and the embracing of the idea that we weren’t born as the correct gender, we are obviously quite far removed from the Lord as a nation. Yet, at church, I hear about what our foreign missionaries are doing far more than what our church is doing in the local community. I know we have a Club 180, Awana, Family Care Fund, and that we donate toothbrushes and toothpaste to the local shelter…but is that enough? Does the church rely too much on its congregation to be its messengers for Christ in the community?

Foreign missions is pretty straight forward in many cases. Go to this country and engage with people as a Christian, provide Bibles, build churches, sing songs, and help those in need. In essence, do there what many Christians do here. The results of your labors are more readily noticeable in countries where Christianity has not traditionally been the dominant religion. Yet, if we continue to minister to these countries and they eventually adopt Christianity in majority, won’t they just eventually end up in a situation like ours? Faced with a dilemma on how to keep the faith in the one true God dominant in their society?

I am unsure as to what would be the best way for a church to do more in its community. Speaking out in some way about the atrocities going on in our country would be a good start in my opinion. Historically, places that have experienced strong Christian influence that is clearly in contrast to whatever was practiced before, experience great moral growth. Perhaps our churches have grown soft because they are afraid of offending people. I am not a proponent of standing at the corner declaring that all homosexuals are going to hell or anything like that. Rather, I would like to see our churches take a firm stand without resorting to theatrics or melodramatics.

These are just my thoughts and opinions and they ebb and flow as I learn and experience more in life. I intend this to be a conversation starter, not just one man saying something and then walking away, so please feel free to chime in.


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