No Home is Perfect

I am currently attempting to find a place in my house to hang a shelf I just finished building. This shelf was originally made to fit in a specific area, but it now must find a new home. The tricky aspect of this venture is that it is quite difficult to locate studs in my house.

Our home was built in 1912 and the interior walls are made of a layer of lathe board coated with about 5/8″ of plaster. Any electric stud finder I use will find studs everywhere because it senses the lathe board that holds up the plaster. Magnets have a difficult time sensing the nails that hold the lathe board to the studs because the plaster is so thick. I have tried measuring 16″, 18″, and 24″ from the corners of the room and then tap in a finishing nail in an effort to locate studs. The success I typically experience with this method is sketchy at best, despite the above mentioned measurements being the most commonly used when our house was built. I don’t think I will be building anymore shelves that are supposed to attach to the wall.

I like my home, it is a great little starter/project house. It has a sound roof, a strong stucco exterior, plenty of windows, a decent basement, three enclosed porches, and lots of the original wood trim around the interior doors and windows. However, no home is perfect. The windows are so numerous that they make placing floor-sitting shelves and other furniture a challenge, repairs to the stucco exterior never match in texture, the three enclosed porches are slowly sinking, the basement is small, and the fact there is so much original wood trim left leaves you feeling like it would be a crime to alter its color or style. First world problems abound!

Home repair and do-it-yourself channels rarely, if ever, show you people experiencing these types of issues when hanging things on the wall. Perhaps that is because the majority of folks these days live in homes with drywall panels for interior walls, thus making it simpler to find the studs. Maybe it could be that I just experience more misfortune than most…or I suppose it could be that I make my own tasks more difficult somehow. No, that doesn’t sound anything like me…it must be that I am just more unfortunate.

I know that I am not the only person that likes their home and yet wishes a few things were different about it. I also know that I lack patience much of the time, and that itself may be the cause of many of my problems. What do other people think of their homes? Does anyone else have similar struggles to mine? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.


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