Unsubstantiated Claims Vs Supreme Court Confirmation

The accusations that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has leveled at Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are serious to say the least. She has requested that his confirmation to the court be postponed until her camp, which is entirely composed of democrats that are anti-Trump and Kavanaugh, can get the FBI to investigate her story. A friend of Ford’s that originally supported her story has now walked back her comments. No one else has come forth in support of Ford and her accusations of a crime taking place 36 years ago. Nor did Ford tell anyone of the supposed assault until 2012 when Kavanaugh was linked with Mitt Romney, who was running for president at the time. This all leads me to question if claims that are thus far as unsubstantiated as these should put a hold on a Supreme Court confirmation.

We have sexual assault allegations running rampant throughout our society today. This is not a bad thing at heart, but it can certainly get out of hand. We have had a woman claim that George H.W. Bush placing his hand on her butt is tantamount to a traumatic molestation. Not even stopping to consider that he is wheelchair bound and the “butt touch” could have happened by mistake due to the height of his chair. We have had actresses claim James Franco was very inappropriate while simulating oral sex on them for a movie scene. He apparently removed the protective barrier that was supposed to be in place during the simulation. Yet, they continued with the simulation, they never attempted to stop it from happening. That is even assuming this event actually took place, as far as I have heard, Franco never confirmed or denied the allegations. He was, however, as good as guilty in #metoo’s eyes as soon as the allegations were made. It is now said by Senate democrats on down to feminist bloggers that every woman that levels sexual assault allegations should automatically be believed. Thus castrating the accused man (it is always a man, never a woman) in the mainstream media before any of the facts have even been discovered.

This brings me back to the accusations Ford has made against Kavanaugh. At this point in time, her claims have not been backed up by any other person. She cannot remember the exact location, or even year, that this event supposedly took place. This is in stark contrast to what victims of such crimes typically remember about their experience. Her husband and her therapist, who were both present when she first related the alleged incident in 2012, each have different versions of how she told the story. The fact that her lawyer is known for being an anti-Trumper, even participating in protests and rallies, also needs to be considered. As well as the fact this whole story was sat on for weeks by Dianne Feinstein, who chose not to reveal it until the 11th hour. This fact lends credibility to the theory that they are simply trying to force the vote on the Kavanaugh confirmation to be postponed until after the upcoming mid-term elections in November. A mid-term election that the democrats are confident they will win, at which point they would want to vote Kavanaugh out of nomination. A theory that is further supported by Ford’s insistence that she not appear before the Senate on Monday to present her allegations and answer questions, but instead that the FBI be employed to investigate the entire story. Kavanaugh, by the way, has been investigated by the FBI six times in his career because such an investigation was required at different points as he moved up the ranks.

Another consideration is that Keith Ellison, a democrat representative from Minnesota, has also been accused of crimes. Karen Monahan, an ex-girlfriend of Ellison’s made claims to a doctor in 2017, that in 2016 Ellison had physically abused her. This story, however, has garnered virtually no attention from the mainstream media or democrat politicians. This contrasts sharply with their persecution of Kavanaugh, despite not knowing if Ford is telling the truth or not.

So, should these investigations be enough to halt a confirmation process? Does every woman deserve to be believed regardless if she has any evidence? Has the #metoo movement crippled the American system of being innocent until proven guilty? Could this all just be a ploy by the Democratic Party?


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