The Privilege of all Four Seasons

Living in Minnesota, I have the benefit of experiencing all four seasons in their truest forms. Summer is hot (sometimes dry and sometimes humid), fall is quite cool, windy, and hosts a great deal of changing colors, winter is frigidly cold, blustery, and boasts an abundance of snow, and spring is perfectly lively, vibrant, and comfortably warm. Who could possibly wish to live in an area that only experiences mild versions of these?

Each season brings with it an abundance of delights and surprises. Winter typically gets a bad rap in most places, but who can deny the pleasure of watching large snowflakes gently float to the ground? The serene tranquility of freshly fallen snow is one of my favorite aspects of winter. As I look across this gently rolling landscape I can’t help but feel appreciative of it’s beauty and purity. Snow also reveals where the little critters of the world have been traveling, with crisp animal tracks going hither and yon. So neatly made are many of these tracks that they appear to be formed with a cookie-cutter. Then there is the joy of watching your little ones tumble about in the snow building forts, snowmen, and making snow angels. The snow provides endless hours of fun and entertainment…it is almost like having a backyard full of Play-Doh. The romance of the shorter days and darker, cozier nights will not be lost on most couples. Especially when you snuggle up close together to the sound of wind and snow rushing past the windows and through the tree branches.

Spring brings with it brand, spanking new life full of color and energy. Listening to the birdsong of a spring that just burst to life after a cold, harsh winter will make you content to never turn on the radio again. Birds aren’t the only fun creatures to watch as squirrels, rabbits, and deer also start becoming more active. Whether it be males strutting their stuff for the ladies, getting into fights over the prettiest ones, or the females that fawn over them, they can provide a person with much enjoyment. Having a bright, blue, clear sky will help you feel like an uncaged animal anxious to stretch its legs. The days will get longer and warmer as the season is more suitable for scenic walks and bike rides. After having the bare, skeletal trees of winter, the lush foliage of spring will add another layer to your world. The rain that spring provides is pleasant and lively, much like the rest of the season. It helps support the budding life all around, and is therefore easy to appreciate.

The heat of summer will bring with it lazy days of relaxing in the shade and contentment at watching the world slowly roll by. Enjoy it when the chance arises, because summer is also the season of hustle and bustle as families go on vacations or attend various extracurricular activities. Working outside, whether it be mowing the lawn, painting the house, gardening, or building a treehouse…will leave you dripping with sweat. As unpleasant as that may sound, the profuse sweating only adds to the feeling of having just completed an important or difficult task. As you reflect on your arduous accomplishment, your body will feel satisfied as the sweat carries away the toxins of your likely unscrupulous diet. Leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for action. However, summer isn’t just about helping you feel a higher sense of accomplishment, it also provides the necessary sunlight to grow food by which to nourish yourself and others. Watching a garden go from a few rows and mounds of soil to a jungle of produce and vegetation is enough to promote awe in how life functions and grows. Using ingredients in the kitchen that you grew in your own backyard adds a wholesome aura to any meal.

Fall, the season of dark green and tawny colors. The wind that whips around and through the trees in fall will send muted colors whirling around like small flocks of birds. Dancing up, down, round and round like leafy waves in an ocean of wind. In my opinion, there is no better season for taking walks, as the colors and sounds of leaves and briskness of the breeze make one feel both cozy and enlivened. Animals will be slowing down, but still active, gathering up their last bits and pieces of food in preparation for winter. Few things are as cute as watching squirrels rustle about in piles of dry leaves, searching for fallen nuts. Birds will be seen heading south in large numbers, leaving many in awe of both their instincts and inner compass. Days will get shorter as the blanket of night spreads earlier and earlier, bringing on a sense of urgency about the days’ activities and a feeling of warm contentedness during the night. This is also the season of harvest, tractors and combines will be seen on the roads of farming communities. As a result, little faces in car windows will be bright with impressed smiles as they watch these rumbling behemoths roll along.

Yes, each season is full of positive elements. Picking a favorite one can be quite a challenge, but most of us manage to overcome the obstacle. My favorite season is fall, which is why I saved it for last. What is your favorite season and why? Feel free to share in the comments section, thanks for reading.


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