Feelings Do Not Equal Proof

Jeff Flake, a senator out of Arizona, voted “Yes” on confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court…on one condition, Kavanaugh must undergo a one week long FBI investigation. This is despite Kavanaugh having already gone through six FBI investigations during his career as a judge, one for every time he moved up the ranks. Nothing even slightly akin to sexual misconduct was ever discovered before, but you can be sure someone from somewhere in his past that never came forward before will come forward now, Democrats will make sure that there is more stink to be made. Senator Flake doesn’t seem to have any qualms about dragging a man through the mud for the sake of repeatedly unverified and contradicted claims of sexual assault…that supposedly took place 36 years ago when Kavanaugh was a minor. Instead, Senator Flake is concerned with making himself “feel better” about how this has all been handled. How I know that this is all just a play in favor of the Democrats is that Jeff Flake has been talking closely with them throughout this whole charade. As well as the fact that a week long FBI investigation is a joke in and of itself. It clearly isn’t long enough to have a real chance of discovering something unsavory. However, it is a long enough time for the Democrats to plant something or someone to be discovered.

Thankfully, Jeff Flake doesn’t have the authority to force such an investigation to take place. The decision as to whether or not there is an FBI investigation rests with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who isn’t exactly a tower of strength. He is the one that decided to push back  Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing two times. Many conservatives in the Senate have expressed a desire to move things along before the Democrats can cook up another scheme. However, now we have President Donald J. Trump claiming that Christine Blasey Ford is a “very credible witness” and he has asked that the FBI conduct an investigation that lasts less than a week. Nothing like muddying the waters a little bit more, eh?

What has gotten President Trump, Sen. Flake, and so many others to kowtow to allegations that have no evidence, no witnesses that corroborate the story, and that were sat on by a Democratic Senator who was biding her time in order to stall proceedings at the last moment? Emotion. Ford’s testimony yesterday at the judicial hearing has been hailed as being intensely powerful and emotionally provoking. Some have even said that regardless if Kavanaugh assaulted her or not, Ford clearly believes he did and that is enough for them. Innocence and guilt of a crime are now based upon feelings alone, evidence not required.

Letting feelings run unchecked through any situation is asking for trouble. Let alone a situation that could result in a man’s career and life being ruined. Emotions were created to be the balancers of reason and logic, and reason and logic were created to balance our emotions. This helps to ensure we do not lose feelings such as compassion when we are analyzing something, and that when we are analyzing something we can apply our discoveries with the proper care and tact. Those who consider Kavanaugh to be guilty regardless of what the factual evidence shows, are not doing themselves justice on an emotional or intellectual level. They are also destroying the very principle our judicial system was built upon, that a person is innocent until proven guilty.

Where will recent events lead us?


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