Strange Food Combinations

Have you ever seen someone mix two or more food items with each other and think “how in the world do those go together?” Or perhaps you have heard of a well established recipe that sounded utterly unappealing. Well, chances are pretty good that we have all experienced one of those situations. It is also likely that each of us has mixed a combination that someone else thought was kind of weird. I know that I certainly have a couple of combos that have raised a few eyebrows.

My first time meeting my wife’s family I let it slip that I enjoyed eating Spam and peanut butter sandwiches. It doesn’t matter what kind of Spam it is, I will slap it on some bread with peanut butter and enjoy, unless it is a spicy variety…I can’t stand the spicy stuff. Needless to say, my wife’s family chuckled and thought this was kind of odd.

A combo I have both seen and used frequently is scrambled eggs and ketchup. Despite this being a seemingly popular mixture I have had many people express distaste at the mere thought of it. The ratio must be correct to make this one delicious though. It can be all too easy to overdo the ketchup and end up with an extremely salty plate of scrambled eggs.

One I have heard of is pickles on peanut butter toast. Now, I am someone that often operates under the assumption that if two things are good on their own then they must also be good together. So I am definitely in line for this combination, especially if the pickles are the bread and butter kind.

My wife and I both enjoy a Big Mac with macaroni and cheese on it. Not too much macaroni and cheese though, you don’t want the taste of the noodles to dominate. Macaroni and cheese can also be good on a hotdog with some ketchup.

A concoction I have always been interested in trying, but never have due to the intimidating cost of bacon, is bacon and ice cream. It seems to me that this mixture would have sweet and salty taste along the lines of salted caramel. What makes bacon and ice cream sound more appealing is the fact bacon brings more than just saltiness to the table.

When I was a kid I used to like bread pudding but now as an adult I shrink at the thought of eating it. I think this is due to the overall texture of the treat as well as my knowledge of what soggy bread tastes like. I just can’t bring myself to separate my memory of soggy bread from bread pudding. This is likely to the chagrin of my southern relatives.

Chocolate covered bacon sounds exquisite for all the same reasons that bacon and ice cream does. Perhaps I should make it as a Christmas treat partner to my wife’s chocolate covered peanut butter balls. If I can bring myself to pay those bacon prices at the supermarket.

Chocolate covered Jalapeno sound absolutely revolting. You won’t catch me eating this at any time or for any reason.

Peanut butter and fried chicken on the other hand, that you could certainly catch me eating. I would eat it every single day of my life if only it were a bit healthier for me. There is just something about it..maybe the way the peanut butter mixes with the grease from the fried chicken is what does it for me. Perhaps, just perhaps, it is the texture. The smoothness of peanut butter combined with the crispy rigidity of the fried chicken is absolutely delightful.

This post is intended to be a bit lighter in significance in light of recent goings on. I hope it made a few folks smile and that people will feel free to share any of their own favorite odd combinations. If you want to contradict my own opinions, feel free to do so. I know there are plenty of spicy food lovers out there! Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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