Is Jeff Flake a…Flake?

Jeff Flake is the Arizona state Representative that cast his vote as a “Yes” for Brett Kavanaugh during the confirmation hearing on Saturday, on the condition that a week long FBI investigation took place before his official confirmation. However, in an interview on 60 Minutes, Flake admitted that an FBI investigation would likely change nothing. Why then, would he request such a thing? Well, short of pandering to Democrats and the Main Stream Media who have both attacked Judge Kavanaugh relentlessly ever since the allegations of sexual assault were made against him, I have no clue. Making the request had no conservative motivation, no other conservatives were calling for it, and the request made no logical sense. As an FBI investigation that lasts just a week is unlikely to dig much up that wasn’t already known from the previous six investigations Judge Kavanaugh has undergone.

When we consider that Sen. Flake has a lifelong friend in Sen. Chris Coons, who is a Democrat, the pandering theory seems a little stronger. During that same 60 Minutes interview that Jeff Flake was part of, Sen. Chris Coons said that he thought an FBI investigation would place everyone in a different place because, “lots of survivors around the country will feel that Dr. Ford’s story was heard and respected and further investigated.” Could this be a sign of what influenced Flake’s condition of an FBI investigation? Nothing is certain, of course, but it does seem suspicious when combined with how Democrats immediately cornered Flake after the judicial hearing on Friday. They reportedly pled with him to vote against Brett Kavanaugh or demand an investigation by the FBI.

I find the fact that in that same interview Senator Coons also said, “We may well be in a different place a week from now because Judge Kavanaugh and his family may well have had exculpatory evidence brought forward”, to be very troubling. I have said this before but, due to the direction these proceedings have taken it bears saying again, there is nothing corroborating Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations of sexual assault. Therefore, what is there to exculpate Judge Kavanaugh of? Senator Coons slid that in there as a way of subtly implying that there is more reason to believe Kavanaugh is guilty than there actually is. He is adding to this movement that has declared Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be guilty despite there being no evidence against him. Coons just isn’t being as overt about it as  most others are. With a man like this as a very good friend to Senator Jeff Flake, is it unreasonable to think that he could be swayed to pander to Democrats?

Something else that alarmed me about Jeff Flake is that when he was asked, “you’ve announced that you’re not running for re-election and I wonder, could you have done this, if you were running for re-election?”, his response was, “No, not a chance.” This shows that, if demanding an FBI investigation was something he truly believed in, he would have tossed those principles and beliefs aside in an effort to get re-elected. This isn’t a sign of integrity, but rather a sign of opportunism. Since he isn’t seeking re-election and has suddenly decided to take a more liberal route politically, even grandstanding a bit, as well as being interviewed on multiple television shows, is he perhaps using these events to springboard the next phase of his career?

Jeff Flake was considered a “swing vote” even before the hearing took place. That means his fellow conservatives thought of him as a liability to the conservative agenda. It seems to me that they have ample reason to consider him just that.


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