Don’t Focus on Race

Almost every day I see a news article mentioning something about race. I also frequently hear about how a certain actor or actress isn’t the right race for a movie role. Teams in the National Football League are required to interview at least one minority candidate for head coach whenever they are in search of a new one. Only a Native American can dress like Pocahontas or Sitting Bull, if anyone else does this they are guilty of “cultural appropriation.” Politicians talk about getting the black vote and Hispanic votes. When there aren’t enough black actors nominated for awards people send out hashtags such as,  “#oscarssowhite.” All of this focus on skin color is keeping a racial divide open all across America.

When so much emphasis and value is placed upon a person’s skin tone, which is something that person isn’t even responsible for, we lose sight of what really makes a person unique and special. People are made up of skills, abilities, personality, intellect, experiences, interests, etc. When we ignore these facets of a person’s being and instead relegate them to a mere color we are telling them that nothing else defines them. This is demonstrated when a black man votes Republican and in turn is called an “Uncle Tom” by his black peers because most other black people voted Democrat. His peers only care about his color, never considering that there are other qualities and characteristics that make him who he is and influence his decisions.

So let us take the focus off of skin color and instead place it upon qualities and characteristics that are of a deeper and more fulfilling nature. Let us acknowledge the strides a person has taken to better themselves and the skills that help define who they are. Let us do away with finding value, or flaw, with someone because of something they had nothing to do with. Let us take a step forward and start seeing people as something more than color, because we are not one dimensional beings but rather multi faceted ones.




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