My First Complete Pokemon Card Collection

I got into Pokemon cards when my kids became interested in them. When they started buying them and requesting them as birthday gifts I figured I too should have a deck so that I could play with them. What started as a way to stay involved with my kids turned into an interest of my own. I found myself purchasing booster packs and starter decks in an effort to get stronger and more useful cards. It eventually turned into a collecting hobby for me. I now have a complete set, called Steam Siege, numbering a total of 116 cards. This is the first complete set of anything I have ever began collecting, so it has some meaning to me. In the past I would frequently begin something only to let it whimper into nonexistence. So it is nice to see that I am capable of finishing something I start.

Steam Siege is just one set among dozens in the world of Pokemon trading cards, and I have already begun collecting a few other sets. I choose to collect whatever series I currently have the most cards in so that the journey to completion won’t be quite as long. This means that I am mostly collecting newer releases because those were the ones that dominated the booster packs I was buying in the beginning. Steam Siege was released just a few years ago.

The best way to fill in the gaps of a specific set is to buy cards individually, not by purchasing booster packs (which are made up of 10 random cards) at the store. This is because the contents of a booster pack are a mystery, you might get something you need, but you are more likely to get something you already have. Not every card is always available to buy individually, as individual cards are typically sold by other collectors, not the manufacturer. This means that whatever is available is what other collectors don’t want or need, leading to a selection that is ever-changing.

Another challenge to collecting Pokemon cards is the cost. Some cards that were released in limited runs or were made to be more special in some way can be quite expensive. Especially the original Pokemon card set, where a mint condition Charizard card sold for $12,000! I am unwilling to spend very much on a single card, when the prices start getting around the $10 range I become increasingly unlikely to purchase. So my wife can rest easy knowing that I won’t be dropping thousands of dollars on a Pokemon card.

I think Steam Siege was a good set to begin collecting as it is newer and easier find the cards. They are also less expensive than most of the older sets, which makes it a quicker set to complete. I am glad I chose to begin with it and I look forward to gradually finishing more collections. Who knows, perhaps one day my collections will be worth enough to give us a bit of a nest egg or help pay for a vacation. That would be quite the pleasure!


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