Disturbing “Believe all Victims” Trend

After the hullabaloo concerning the accusations that Christine Blasey Ford made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, there has been a resurgence of the, “believe all victims” chant from the Democratic Party. The idea that all victims need to be believed originated somewhere within the #metoo movement that started when Democratic donor, Harvey Weinstein, was outed as a sexually perverse molester and abuser of women in Hollywood. A victim is seemingly defined by this movement as a female that claims she has been physically or sexually assaulted by a man, regardless of evidence or corroboration of the woman’s claims. Some may think I am being misleading when I give voice to this definition, but I will explain why this specific definition is not misleading.

Christine Blasey Ford never had anything but her own word, the word of a therapist that contradicted Ford’s own statements, and the word of her husband, that Judge Kavanaugh attempted to sexually molest her 36 years ago when they were in high school together. She also looked and acted emotionally vulnerable during the hearing. Yet, despite this severe lack of evidence and the fact that everyone she claimed was present professed no knowledge of what Ford was talking about, Democrats across the country pronounced Judge Kavanaugh guilty. It is important to note that Judge Kavanaugh was seen by Democrats as being a partisan conservative who would undo everything liberal in the law books. A case of sexual assault allegations being made by a woman against a conservative man.

Julie Swetnick came out with allegations against Judge Kavanaugh when Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations seemed to be losing steam. Swetnick claims that as a minor, Judge Kavanaugh was the leader of a perverted sex party system that would drug girls and rape them. She claimed she went to several of these “parties” and witnessed everything. Then she began walking back her statements and changing her story. She has brought forth no witnesses and none have presented themselves. There are also the questions of why she continued to go to these parties and why she waited so long to tell the story of them. Swetnick also has a history of claiming sexual harassment at the hands of co-workers, which have been found to be false. Yet, Democrats and their sympathizers have been declaring that they believe Julie Swetnick’s allegations. A case of sexual assault allegations being made by a woman against a conservative man.

Karen Monahan is a Democrat Party activist that used to be the girlfriend of Keith Ellison, who is running for the office of Minnesota’s Attorney General. She claims that Ellison verbally and physically abused her in 2016 when they were still dating. Karen alleges that he was yelling and swearing at her as he drug her from the bed. Karen provided medical records, therapist notes, and text messages where she references the attack a year before she made it public. She also claims to have a video recording of the event but has thus far refused to make it public. The Democrats have largely ignored Karen’s allegations against Ellison despite the evidence she has provided. The liberal media (CNN, MSNBC, etc.) have given this very little, if any, news coverage. A case of abuse allegations made by a woman against a Democrat man.

Brendan Fraser alleges that another man, Philip Berk, sexually molested him in the Beverly Hills Hotel back in 2003. At the time, Berk was president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). Berk has denied Fraser’s story and when Fraser’s reps requested he apologize, Berk issued a generic apology for any perceived wrong doing. Fraser described the exact location of the alleged incident, time, and what he was feeling when it was happening. His story was written about in a few places but failed to gain any real traction in the #metoo movement. A man accusing another man of sexual assault.

Roy Moore was running for an Alabama Senate seat back in 2016 when about a month before the vote allegations were made that he had sexually molested teenage girls decades earlier. After the initial allegations were made multiple more women came forward to claim Moore had assaulted them as well during that same timeframe. Despite there being no decisive evidence, just the words of a small group of women, Moore was instantly found guilty by the liberal media, Democrats, and the #metoo movement. Roy Moore had always been a polarizing political figure, but Democrats had been hopeful they would win the Senate seat he was pursuing. A case of sexual assault allegations brought forth by women against a conservative man.

Cory Booker, a Democrat Senator in New Jersey, has recently been accused of sexual assault by an anonymous man. The man alleges that Sen. Booker groped him in a single-occupancy rest room and attempted to force him to perform oral sex. The accuser explains the incident in detail. Why does an anonymous accusation without further evidence matter? Because the liberal media and #metoo movement have consistently believed the stories of women when they accuse a man of sexual assault yet fail to provide any sort of evidence. Examples would be “Mattress Girl” and the Duke Lacrosse team from a few years ago. The liberal media, Democrats, and the #metoo movement have all avoided declaring Sen. Booker guilty or even giving the accusations serious consideration. A case of a man accusing a Democrat politician of sexual assault.

I see a trend here, whenever assault allegations are brought by a woman against a conservative man, she is believed. When a man brings sexual assault accusations to light, the liberal media, Democrats, and the #metoo movement are slower to accept them. When assault allegations are brought against a Democrat politician the liberal media and #metoo movement are disturbingly quiet. Even though the Democrats espouse the, “believe all victims” rhetoric, do they really mean it? Or do they perhaps only think that certain “victims” should be believed, such as women accusing conservative men?




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