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    Soft-Racism of Low Expectations

    There are many people that insist America is more racist now than ever before. They claim that we have institutionalized racism, which we have…but not in the ways they think. Affirmative action is institutionalized racism. It gets racial minorities jobs based on the color of their skin. Back when minorities didn’t have the same opportunities as whites this would have…

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    Productivity in Unexpected Places

    This past weekend I had planned to get some work done on both of our family vehicles. I was going to check the brakes on my van, replace the throttle position sensor, and further investigate a rattling sound around the serpentine belt. I also wanted to replace the inner fender liner on my wife’s car. Suffice it to say, none…

  • Assorted Christmas cookies
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    Our Favorite Christmas Treats

    It seems that everyone who celebrates Christmas has a food item that they look forward to having each year. It might be a sweet treat, entree, or even a beverage. No matter what it is though, it leaves an impression on us that we just can’t forget! In this post my family shares their favorite Christmas treats and why they…

  • Dog
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    Pets are Fun!

    All across the world there are people who love animals. Whether it is a cat, dog, lizard, snake, spider, fox, raccoon, bear, etc., there is a person out there willing to love it. I like to think this is do to the compassionate side God gave humans. The desire to take care of a creature not as capable as yourself…

  • Santa Claus and Christmas tree
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    Why We Don’t Do Santa Claus

    Parents all around the United states, and in other parts of the world, perpetuate the idea that Santa Claus brings gifts each Christmas for their children. They explain to their children how Santa comes down the chimney and tiptoes around the Christmas tree placing presents. Also, gifts are only for the good boys and girls, the bad ones get a…