Why We Don’t Do Santa Claus

Parents all around the United states, and in other parts of the world, perpetuate the idea that Santa Claus brings gifts each Christmas for their children. They explain to their children how Santa comes down the chimney and tiptoes around the Christmas tree placing presents. Also, gifts are only for the good boys and girls, the bad ones get a simple lump of coal in their stocking. Most parents have their children believing that Santa Claus is real until they are around 6-8 years old. However, my wife and I have never misled our children into believing in Santa Claus, and our reasons are very simple.

One of our most compelling reasons for not allowing our children to believe in Santa Claus is that doing so would be supporting a lie. We raise our children to be honest, teaching them that lying is a bad thing to do. Why then, would we contradict ourselves by lying to them about the existence of Santa Claus? Not only that, but why would we also lie to them about where their Christmas presents come from? So many parents undercut their own authority with these types of things, we don’t want to join that number.

Another reason we have never told our kids that Santa is real is because it would give them a false sense of reality. As parents, we work hard for the money that we use to buy the Christmas presents, and so do our kids’ grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. By leading our children to believe their gifts come from Santa, we take away the importance of how much money, time, and thought others put into getting them the gifts. Personally, I believe it is important for them to know that they have family that loves them enough to spend their money, time, and effort on them. It is more meaningful than a magical man from the North Pole bringing gifts to everyone in the world.

Teaching our children that Christmas is about Santa Claus takes away from what it is truly about, the gift of Jesus Christ. We want our children to have an understanding and appreciation for Jesus Christ and why we celebrate His birth each year. It is through His sacrifice that we have the opportunity to be saved and to have a personal relationship with God the Father. Jesus Christ brings the gifts of hope and salvation to all of us, having Santa Claus in the picture will only distract from those gifts.

Well, those are our reasons for not telling our kids that Santa Claus is real and responsible for the gifts under the tree. What are your thoughts? Do you tell your kids that Santa is real, and if so, why? Please feel free to comment below, I am interested in your thoughts.



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