Pets are Fun!

All across the world there are people who love animals. Whether it is a cat, dog, lizard, snake, spider, fox, raccoon, bear, etc., there is a person out there willing to love it. I like to think this is do to the compassionate side God gave humans. The desire to take care of a creature not as capable as yourself and develop a bond with it is an honorable aspiration. However, certain animals do make better pets than others. This fact is reflected in the number of people that own a specific type of pet. The two most popular pets seem to be cats and dogs, although goldfish are certainly up there as well. My house is home to one of the most popular pets, a dog, as well as a rabbit.

Our rabbit’s name is Isabelle, she is a Dwarf Lionhead. My wife purchased her from a local pet store back in 2013, I believe. She was just a handful of weeks old at the time, so she is about five years old now. She was such a little ball of fuzzy fur that my wife just couldn’t resist her cuteness. So, we bought her and the cage she was kept in, as well as many more items to help her have a healthy and happy life. For a couple of years she was an indoor rabbit, although in a cage, but a few years ago we migrated her to an outdoor rabbit hutch. The constant cleaning, as well as our small home, were the main factors in her forced migration. She seems to be quite content living outside and enjoys basking in the sunlight. There are even wild rabbits that come into our yard just to hang out underneath her raised hutch.

My daughter had fun showing Isabelle at the county fair a couple of years ago. Our toddler enjoys walking around her hutch and watching her, he insists she is a kitty. He also likes feeding blades of grass, dandelions, and sticks through the fencing for her. He gets a real kick out of watching her eat!

Wholter is our dog, he is estimated to be a Jack Russell Terrier mix. Mixed with what, we aren’t exactly sure. We adopted him back in 2014 when he was believed to be about two years old, so we consider him to be six years old today. My wife liked him because she believed him to be a quiet and easygoing dog when he climbed right into her lap the first time we visited him in the foster home. However, upon getting him home and spending more time with him, we found that to not be the case. At heart, he is easily excitable, very strong-willed, easily intimidated, and not fully trustworthy in the house alone. In essence, he is like most small dogs I have had experience with.

We can’t let those things alone color our perspective of who Wholter is, though. The kids like to play with him because he is a zippy little thing that likes to yap and make himself known. This is especially evident when the kids play soccer, being a dog that was bred to chase things, he really likes to beat the kids to the ball. We even have a ball that is reserved for soccer play when he is outside with us, needless to say, he has left many marks upon it. So many in fact that I am surprised it can still hold air. Wholter is also a lover of sunbeams. On a warm summer day you are sure to find him on the back porch soaking up the rays, then off to the front of the house as the day crawls on.

We can also rely upon Wholter to give us an ecstatic greeting when we get home. Of course, this is mainly because he simply hates being left home alone, but he also just likes seeing us. It is also nice to see him sitting under our toddler’s booster seat at the table, ears pricked up and eyes alert, waiting for a morsel to drop. He is a good helper when it comes to cleaning up the food and drink messes caused by the kids.

Pets are certainly a responsibility that shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. They can be demanding on your time and resources, as well as your patience. Although, if you stick it out and do the best you can, they will add joy and laughter to your lives!

Do you have any pets? If so, what kinds? How do they add happiness to your life?


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