Our Favorite Christmas Treats

It seems that everyone who celebrates Christmas has a food item that they look forward to having each year. It might be a sweet treat, entree, or even a beverage. No matter what it is though, it leaves an impression on us that we just can’t forget! In this post my family shares their favorite Christmas treats and why they like them so much.

My first son’s favorite Christmas treat is mashed potatoes. “I love the soft and mushy texture of mashed potatoes. I also like the garlic flavor of mashed potatoes that we would have every year. Finally, I always like to take a small slice of butter and put it on top of the mashed potatoes and watch it melt for a little bit. Then, I would mix the butter with the mashed potatoes to give it a more creamy texture.”

My second son looks forward to Chocolate Rice Crispy Treats. “I like this treat because it is crunchy and tastes good and sugary and is simple to make. I only get this once a year so it is special.”

My daughter’s favorite Christmas treats are the peanut butter balls that my wife makes. “I really like peanut butter balls because they’re made by my Mama. Also because I like the peanut butter mixed with melted chocolate. Also because its only at Christmas time and it tastes good.”

My third son always looks forward to the apricot salad that Baba makes for Christmas. “MMMmmmMMM!”

My wife’s favorite treat at Christmas time is something a bit more unique. “I was somewhat surprised by what treat immediately popped into my brain when thinking of my favorite Christmas treat.  The item I thought of was simple, inexpensive, and not something most people have had.  As far as I know, there isn’t even a name for my Christmas treat, so I’ll describe it.  It is a sandwich of two Wheat Thin crackers with peanut butter in between, dipped in chocolate, with rainbow sprinkles on top.  My mother would always do a Christmas cookie exchange with colleagues at her work, and this item was always something she received.  It was always one of my favorites.  It has the delicious sweetness of the chocolate, along with the salt and sweet combination with the crackers and the peanut butter.  The rainbow sprinkles on top adds a touch of fun and fancy to the treat.  I’ve made them a few times in my adult life, and everyone that has had them agrees they are tasty.  This simple and inexpensive treat is something that reminds me of my childhood Christmases, and is sure to please anyone that’s up for a salty-sweet treat!”

Finally, my favorite Christmas time treats are the peanut butter balls. I guess my daughter and I are quite alike when it comes to taste buds! For me it is the smoothness of the chocolate coating and the rich creaminess of the peanut butter that makes the treat so scrumptious. Every year I pinch a few from the fridge when nobody is looking. I didn’t know the importance of adding confectioners sugar to the peanut butter until I met my wife. This detail is definitely what makes the peanut butter as good as it is.

What are your favorite Christmas treats?


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