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Compromise Not Required

I cannot count how many times compromise has been preached to me through a movie, television show, song, or book. Growing up in public school, teachers constantly told me that compromise was always the best option. It seems people consider compromise to be the duct tape of relational problems, capable of fixing anything. Is it really, though? Is compromise always the right avenue to pursue? If you believe in absolute right and wrong, then I don’t think compromise is always appropriate.

Compromise involves all sides in a conflict giving up at least a little of what they were aiming for. In the case of one cookie being left and two children wanting it, compromise makes sense, simply split the cookie into two pieces. Not all conflicts can be resolved so easily, however. Take into consideration the issue of abortion. Since abortion ends a human life, why would #ProLife people want to compromise that life in any way shape or form? Late-term abortion bans still allow for early abortions. Morning after pills and other forms of birth control still cause abortions. It is either all or nothing, there is no middle ground. This is a case where compromise is not required because there are absolute right and wrongs involved.

Currently in the sphere of politics, there is the hot-button topic of illegal immigration. Some folks say we should have open borders, meaning anyone can cross at anytime with no rules limiting who we allow in. President Donald Trump claims we need a wall at the southern border to prevent people from crossing our border illegally. As our president, one of Donald Trump’s most important tasks is to look after the safety and well-being of America’s citizens. He should therefore be uncompromising in his pursuit of that safety and well-being. That may mean not building a wall and using a different method instead. However, it does not mean opening the borders to any and everyone who wants to come to our country. Compromising on the method of how our borders are protected can be reasonable, especially if it is unknown how effective a particular method may be. However, a president should not compromise on the duty to protect citizens and establish safety. Compromise in this area would mean President Trump is failing to do his duty.

The word of God is another thing that should not be compromised on. Pressure from secular sources can sometimes be very strong. However, Christians should stand firm on Scripture and be uncompromising in its meaning. The Bible is the written word of God and is therefore absolute truth. To meddle with its intended meaning for any reason goes directly against the will of the Lord. This also applies to interpreting its meaning through a worldly perspective. The Bible was written for an expressed purpose with a specific intent. The context of when, where, why, and by whom it was written all need to play a role in its interpretation. We should not be filtering it through our modern culture or our personal beliefs. Instead, our beliefs and culture should be filtered through the Bible. Never compromise truth.

In many cases compromise serves as a mere bandaid to a problem. It treats symptoms rather than the root of the problem. It should be used in moderation and with deliberate thought. After all, one cannot compromise without giving something up, so be sure that what you are giving up isn’t something you shouldn’t be.

Do you have anything to add? Do you agree or disagree? Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts.


  • Dianne

    I agree with what you wrote. I think that the whole concept of acceptance is another overused and misused concept as well. Not in our personal relationships so much but as regards Christian/secular and political issues. For example, the LGBT community wants Christians to “accept” their lifestyle not “tolerate” it. Which really just translates into them wanting Christians to “agree” with their lifestyle choices. The overall message in the media is that Christians are not very accepting of others, others meaning LGBT community or extreme Liberals, and yet acceptance would mean going against the Word of God.

    Acceptance – the action or process of being received as adequate or suitable.

    Tolerate – allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one does not necessarily like or agree with) without interference.

    Agree – harmony or accordance in opinion or feeling.

    These are just sample definitions. There is more than one definition for each of these words and it depends on the dictionary as well. Although, most often, there is of course a common thread that runs through the definitions no matter what dictionary you look at.

    • Junior

      I think you are exactly right in what the LGBT community is really after, agreement with and validation of their lifestyle choices. This is why they label dissenters as bigots and homophobes, they are trying to shame and bully people to do what they want. Rather than being content with folks having differing opinions. The worst aspect of this in my opinion is that so many Christians kowtow to the demands for LGBT acceptance. These Christians taint God’s word with blatantly false interpretations, which has eternal ramifications, in an effort to satisfy temporary outrage brought forth by sinners stuck in their sin. They are focused on pleasing people instead of on pleasing God. Sorry for the rant, thank you for the comment!

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