How UnPlanned Helped Me

Earlier today I went and saw UnPlanned at my local theater. I wanted to help support pro-life causes and I figured this was a good way to go about it. After all, I pay $10 to see a Marvel movie once or twice a year and those movies are rather meaningless in the long run. So, why not spend $10 to see a movie with an exceedingly positive message on an important topic? The movie made an impression on me, but perhaps not in the way it did for many others.

The movie contains some imagery that is somewhat graphic, it depicts the reality of abortion for many women. It isn’t pretty, it isn’t painless, it isn’t meaningless, it doesn’t happen to everyone, but it is realistic. Many people may have been shocked by what they saw, but I wasn’t. I was moved nearly to tears over it, but I wasn’t shocked. I had seen this sort of imagery before during my research into how abortions are performed, I was shocked then. While others may have been awaked to the horrific methods of performing an abortion, I was more greatly affected in another way.

What affected me most in the movie was the constant message throughout the film that the women getting these abortions are people, and that they are hurting. This may sound silly to some, of course women are people, but I tend to harden my heart toward those who support, or receive, abortions. This inevitably leads me to think of them more as monsters rather than people. It enables me to hate them, rather than to love them while hating their sin. I often fail to consider what they may be feeling or what their situation in life may be.

Hating the person allows me to respond to them with contempt and judgement while feeling absolutely justified. Loving them, while hating their sin, enables me to offer help in the form of hope and better options. It also gives me the presence of mind to pray for them, even for those who have already received an abortion or insist on receiving one. Standing at a fence, yelling at a woman walking into an abortion clinic and calling her murderer or monster will more than likely only serve to create more hard hearts. A hardened heart can exterminate a human life much more easily, callously, and even joyfully. What this world needs, what unborn babies need, is for hard hearts to soften. Hope, compassion, care, love, calm, and help, these are the modes that achieve that end.


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