A Weak Argument For Abortion

During my adventures on Twitter, Disqus, Gab, and comment sections on many different websites I have come across numerous arguments for abortion. One of the most common arguments I have seen is that due to the fetus’ dependence on the mother for survival it cannot be considered a viable human life. I find this position to be logically untenable.

If we are to consider a fetus “unviable” because it depends on it’s mother for the necessities of life, then what do we consider those on life support? Are they to be labelled mere “clumps of cells” because they cannot fend for themselves? Let us consider those who are born with mental conditions that render them effectively helpless. If we follow the above argument for abortion then surely these mentally challenged people aren’t humans, right? After all, they cannot feed or dress themselves and their minds work on levels inferior to that of the typical person.

Some might say that the difference between a fetus and mentally challenged person and person on life support is level of physical development. However, a fetus has it’s own blood type, distinct DNA and at just five weeks he/she has a heartbeat. Soon after gaining a heartbeat, facial features and limbs are forming along with vital organs such as kidneys and intestines. These things are happening right around the time many women are just realizing they are pregnant. What makes this fetus any less of a human than a person on life support or a person mentally challenged to the point of helplessness?

New York state recently passed legislation that allows a woman to request an abortion while she is in labor. That means if the baby is born alive it is simply left alone to die. Mere moments and 6-8 inches separates a baby in the birth canal from a baby outside the womb. What is the difference between the two that causes one to be human and the other not?

Life is to be cherished at every stage because every life has innate value to our world. A person on life support has family and friends filled with memories and love. A severely mentally challenged person still forms attachments and has thoughts, even if they are on very basic levels. An unborn baby is a part of relationships and memories with his/her parents. The baby has brain functions and develops personality traits early on. It is a human life that should be valued just as much as any other.

However, the single greatest reason all human life has value is because God saw fit to create each and every one of us. He knew us before we were born (Jeremiah 1:5), knew what our sin would be, and still desired to give us life.


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