A Good Wife Can Change Your Life

With the rise of what I like to call “toxic feminism”, there has been a drop in the number of young men who wish to get married. Perhaps they are turned off of it by toxic feminism’s insistence that women can do anything men can, plus extra. Then again, maybe it is because so many marriages end in divorce and they don’t like the idea of their ex-wife taking 50% or more of everything they own, including the kids. With the uptick in sexual frivolity some men might wonder what the point of marriage is when they get their “physical needs” met without it. Whatever the reason, there is no arguing that this is a growing trend. Well, I am here to counteract this unfortunate turn by talking about how much better a man’s life can be when he has a good wife to share it with.

Life is long and full of complications, having a good wife to face it with can help bolster even the strongest and most self-reliant of men. One of the many truths of gender is this, that the average man and woman are each predisposed to have different strengths and weaknesses. This means that what the man lacks, his wife could very well be making up for. An example of that in my marriage is my wife’s willingness to go out and be active in the community. I am not someone who is likely to attend a coworker’s barbeque, take my kids to a magic show, or go to a concert. Yet, I have done all of those things because my wife saw the value in them when I failed to. You know what? Once I got to those functions I began to see the value as well, as a result I am now easier for my wife to convince to go. Because my wife sees value in these things more readily than I do my kids get to experience more and learn more. That is a benefit to the whole family!

Women are often more sensitive to the emotional needs of others than men are. I know we men sometimes like to think we are emotional islands capable of seeing to our every need ourselves, that is, if we even have any. However, that just isn’t true, and even if it were there is no denying that we have an affect on the emotions of those we come across in life. Our every thought, word, and action has an affect on someone else. A good wife can help us navigate the oceans of emotion that the Great Cartographer has drawn out on the maps of our lives. She can aid us in deciphering why someone is acting the way they are. A mother can soften the blow to children when father lets loose harsh feelings. A wife can help a husband deal with feelings of anger and resentment toward others, softening internal feelings that we men are notorious for keeping bottled up. Having a wife that loves us and is there for us to open up to is an immeasurable positive in our lives.

Life is guaranteed to throw heartbreak at us all, big or small, something sad is typically around the corner. Who better to face those tragedies with than a good women who loves you and knows you well? She can help support you when you are in mourning or provide a friendly smile when the world seems to be against you. Without someone we can confide in, most men keep their feelings bottled up on the inside instead of working through them. This practice often leads to emotions rotting and becoming destructive in nature.

No matter what the undertaking is, without motivation it would never be accomplished. Many of the worlds greatest inventions, medicines, conveniences, etc. were made by men. Would all of those things be in existence if not for good women working in the lives of the men who brought them to realization? A good man wants to do well for his wife so that she can have a decent life and things that she desires, such as healthy children, a career of her own, to be a stay-at-home mom, or perhaps a house in the country. Good women make good men want to succeed in life, they themselves become motivation for us. A good wife can also give her husband the confidence and assurance he needs to take on new projects and see them through to completion. An example of this in my life is my bachelors degree. When my wife and I got married I still had a couple years left of college. At one point, when I had a little less than a year left, I wasn’t sure if I should complete my degree because I didn’t see myself working in the field. My wife urged me to see it through and I did. I don’t work in the field of my degree, but I am still glad that I saw it through to the end. Now when I am feeling down about my tendency to quit things I can remember that I didn’t quit on my degree. She is a big reason why I didn’t.

I believe that in order to develop into the best man he can be, every man needs to have a person he cares deeply about. This helps him learn how to take care of others and put himself second. Having a wife that needs us promotes our natural instinct to protect and look after those more vulnerable than ourselves. Before I was married I was more flippant with money and my physical health. However, as a married man with a wife who depends on him for support and strength I am compelled to take better care of our finances and my health. As a result I am saving money like I never have before, which affords us more freedom. I am also eating healthier than I ever have before, which will help me to live a healthier and happier life.

This is in no way an exhaustive list of the positive effects a good wife can have on a man’s life. My intention is to merely highlight some areas that I don’t think get enough attention in our society today. Strength where we are weak, emotional intelligence, and providing us motivation are just a few of the myriad of ways that a good wife can help improve her husband’s life. So, if you are a man who has his doubts concerning whether or not marriage is a worthy endeavor, think carefully on it. There is good reason for married men living longer lives on average!

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