NRA Gets Blamed For Mass Shootings

If you haven’t heard yet, there have been two highly talked about mass shootings recently. On August 3rd there was a shooting in El Paso, Texas at a food festival that killed 22 people and injured 24 others. The very next day there was another shooting, this one took place at a Dayton, Ohio Wal-Mart and claimed the lives of 10 people while injuring another 26. Needless to say, these events have been terrible and we should be keeping the families of the victims in our prayers. However, some people have chosen to turn their anger and grief upon the National Rifle Association, which they believe are the real culprits.

None of the mass shooters in recent history have been NRA employees or members. I know this for a fact because if one of them was you can rest assured that the media and Democrats wouldn’t stop talking about it. So, with that it mind I am not positive why so many liberally-minded people insist the NRA is to blame for mass shootings. I know that some people claim the NRA promotes “gun culture.” However, Hollywood and many videogames promote firearms on a far greater scale than the NRA. Yet, Democrat politicians actively deny that videogames or Hollywood have anything to do with mass shootings. This seems like a direct contradiction to me. I find it likely that blaming the NRA is simply convenient for liberals because it is the largest Second Amendment supporting organization in America. I believe Democrats would like to see it go under so that they can have an easier time passing further gun restrictions and perhaps taking away the Second Amendment altogether. Therefore, blaming the NRA for mass shootings doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to be effective.

My opinion that blaming the NRA is merely a political stunt is reinforced by the fact so many Democrat leaders are making the claim that mass shootings have nothing to do with mental health issues. A Democrat running for president, Julian Castro, makes it very clear that he believes mental health plays absolutely no role in a person deciding to go to a Wal-Mart and shooting as many people as they can before being shot by the cops. Apparently, normal, healthy-minded individuals make these types of decisions. The assertion that mental health does not play a role is ignorant, dangerous, and needs to stop before more people slip through the cracks despite warning signs. Remember, the Parkland school shooter had multiple, serious reports filed about him to the local police and the FBI before he finally took guns to school and killed fellow students. We simply cannot ignore the role that mental health plays in mass shootings.

Below are some tweets from people condemning the NRA, as well as the GOP. I decided to share these because I know millions of Americans do not have a Twitter account and therefore may be unaware of the extreme thoughts some people put out there. The tweets I included below blame the NRA for gun violence, blame various GOP members for taking “blood money” from the NRA, label the NRA is a terrorist organization, and claim that President Trump is a white supremacist.

What do you think about these people singling out the NRA as being at fault while simultaneously ignoring other factors? Do you agree or disagree with my opinion? Feel free to express yourself in the comment section below. Thank you for reading and I wish you the best.


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