Kirsten Gillibrand Won’t “Give An Inch,” And Neither Should We

Kirsten Gillibrand is a New York State Senator. She is also currently running for president and is far from being a frontrunner. Recently she has been trying to distinguish herself from the rest of the Democrat hopefuls by basing her identity within the abortion debate. According to the St. Louis Dispatch, when speaking in St. Louis, Missouri this past Sunday Gillibrand said, “We need a next president who is unabashedly pro-choice.” She later went on to say, “I do not think we should give an inch on this issue. I think we should only support Democratic candidates that see women’s reproductive freedom as the fundamental human right that it is.” Those are some strong, definitive words which are intended to be a rallying cry for abortion advocates across America.

If Sen. Gillibrand wants abortion advocates to stand firm, “not give an inch,” and support abortions up until the very moment of birth, then advocates for life should be just as steadfast in their cause. No, they should be even more steadfast, after all, those who are pro-life are defending helpless human beings whereas the pro-abortion crowd are merely defending perceived “rights.” This difference in what each side is protecting should be the deciding factor, and it should be to the advantage of advocates for life. It is well-known that a person fighting for a cause that is both selfless and of great importance has more motivation to see the fight through to the end. Those who are pro-life must not lose sight of what they fight for, it must always be kept front and center in the mind. God created us all, and in His eyes all of our lives are equal in value. It doesn’t matter if you are lame, obese, divorced, gay, straight, old, unemployed, or still in your mother’s womb…God values us all the same. If He places such value on us all, then who are we to destroy the lives He creates? Who are we to stand idly by while others destroy life?

Get out there and volunteer, donate time or money, sign petitions, write to your officials, attend the March for Life if you can, or set up a pro-life cookie stand at your local farmer’s market. Be willing to discuss the issue with those around you in a friendly and constructive way. Also, remember to consider the abortion issue when you vote for elected officials. Just act on what you believe in some way, because as 900 babies are aborted everyday in America alone, millions of lives cannot afford for you to give an inch.


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