Inanimate, A Question

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines inanimate thusly, “not endowed with life or spirit.” Simple to understand, isn’t it? If something has not been blessed with life or spirit, it ceases to be capable of animation without the benefit of manipulation from an outside source. This manipulation, of course, would arrive by the means of something endowed with life and spirit. A human perhaps? Humans are surrounded by that which cannot animate itself. Tables, chairs, windows, and walls, closets, beds, benches, and balls. None of these things can manipulate themselves, they are inanimate objects. Another inanimate object, that interestingly enough has animate characteristics projected upon it by the animated, is a gun. It cannot turn on its own, cannot twist on its own, cannot fall on its own, nor can it point and fire on its own. It is utterly incapable of doing anything of its own volition… in fact it has no volition because it has no capacity for will. It is without life and spirit, perfectly inanimate. Why then is it blamed for the contortions and deeds the animated manipulate it into performing?


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