Man Receives Praise For Blowing Snow Into Oncoming Traffic

A man in Froide, Minnesota, recently made the news because of how much praise he was receiving from his neighbors. They claim that for years now, Lloyd Osweiller has been blessing them with low visability, risk of damage to personal property, and possible injury or death. Lloyd’s next-door neighbor, Debbie, says, “one time I drove by and Lloyd’s snow blower threw a rock and it cracked my windshield. I made him some lutefisk as a thanks because I had been meaning to get a new windshield anyway.” When asked to explain what she meant, Debbie then went on, “sometimes you just need a little kick in the pants to help you get off your keister and get something done, Lloyd provided that kick.”

Carl, another neighbor of Lloyd’s, says he had a brush with death because of the snow Lloyd was blowing from his driveway into the street. “I work nights, so I was coming home one morning and as I passed Lloyd’s house there was so much snow being blown into the street that I had trouble seeing. I almost ran into a street lamp, but thankfully I hit a snowbank instead.” Carl says this harrowing experience, along with the resulting concussion, is what helped him realize the value of life. “If Lloyd had been keeping the snow in his own yard like the rest of us do, I would still be taking life for granted…thanks Lloyd!”

When asked why he blows the snow into the street and oncoming traffic, Lloyd simply shrugged and said, “well, I don’t wanna risk blowing it toward my house and car, a rock might hit a window or something, that’s how people get hurt, dontcha know!”

If only people would learn from Lloyd’s example and place their own wants and desires before the safety and well-being of others, the world might be a better place.


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