Why I don’t Want My Student Loans Forgiven

Many Democrat Presidential hopefuls have included student loan forgiveness as a part of the platform they are building their campaigns on. I must admit, the idea of not having my student loans looming overhead greatly appeals to me. Student loans are my largest debt…even larger than the mortgage on my house. Yet, I do not support any of the solutions Democrats have put forth. This is because all of their solutions come down to using taxpayer money to cancel out the loans. That means complete strangers, who played no part in my decision to incur the debt, would now be on the hook for it. That just doesn’t sit right with me. I am the one that chose to go to college when I had no clear direction, I am the one that chose to live off of my loan money instead of giving the extra back, and I am the one who decided to go to a more expensive school. All of those decisions were my own, no one else’s. Therefore, the debt, the repercussion for my choices, is also my own and no one else’s.

I believe that a mature, honorable man or woman takes responsibility for their decisions and faces the consequences for those decisions. They do not willingly put the weight of their responsibilities upon the backs of others. A large portion of our society has become increasingly less self-reliant and honorable in the way they face the repercussions of their choices. This has to stop, no society can be healthy for long if one half has to support the other half due to sheer laziness, weakness, dishonor, or irresponsibility. Those who have made wise choices to save money, work hard, or invest wisely should not be expected to bear the financial burdens of those who didn’t make wise choices. Also, those who have worked themselves out from under their financial burdens shouldn’t have to now be responsible for the repercussions that others face.

If we all went around expecting everyone else to take care of our problems for us, then no one would be in a position to be helpful. Skills…physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual skills are learned during times of trial. How can a man or woman grow if they are not expected to face consequences? I did not get better at controlling my spending until the reality of over-extending my finances slapped me in the face. My message to those who desire student loan forgiveness in the forms that Democrats are currently pushing is this: do not deny yourself this opportunity to grow and improve, and never willingly place the burden of the consequences for your choices upon the shoulders of your fellow men and women.

In short, I do not want my student loans “forgiven” under the current plans because it isn’t actually forgiveness. Instead, it is simply shifting my burden onto everyone else, and that simply isn’t right.


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