Blind Hatred For The Trumps: Ivanka

President Donald Trump isn’t the only member of his family that has to tolerate extreme levels of criticism, slander, and even hatred. Every member of his family has to put up with vitriol being spewed by those with opposing political views or those who simply don’t like them. Due to this unfortunate trend, I am going to start a series that highlights examples of the kinds of comments that are made about President Trump and his family. I will be starting off by highlighting some distasteful comments that were directed at Ivanka Trump on Twitter. The first image is of a tweet that Ivanka sent out to promote a positive outlook for parents staying home with their kids during this Corona Virus situation.

It only took seconds for people of low moral character to begin harassing Ivanka for sending out the tweet. The negative responses were so thick that I easily found ten examples that illustrate the low levels that so many people are willing to sink to just to get off on feeling superior to someone else. Whether it is devaluing her as a mother simply because she is wealthy, comparing her to a deadly pathogen, or accusing her of helping her father cause the Corona Virus pandemic, the responses are all mean-spirited in nature. However, in my opinion, the worst one uses the tragic death of a father and his child to attack Ivanka and her father. This father and child were attempting to cross our border illegally by swimming across a body of water. They drowned in the process and their bodies were found along the shore. To claim that this father and child’s deaths are on the heads of Ivanka, or President Trump, is asinine and cruel. If I am ever caught saying such things as these, I hope someone gives me the slap across the face I would deserve.

With the immediate ability to make your opinion known across the globe, the benefit of anonymity, and the desire for affirmation from one’s chosen echo-chamber, social media is rife with this sort of cruel, twisted, hateful content. This problem will not go away anytime soon, in fact, it is only growing more and more prevalent. The people leaving these types of comments aren’t just uneducated delinquents. Many of these folks are intelligent people that hold degrees, raise children, don’t do drugs, and have fully functioning brains. Yet they believe that this sort of behavior and rhetoric is perfectly justified. Why? Blind, unadulterated hate, that’s why.


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