Warning: Government Isn’t A Charity!

Tragedy is always lurking around, usually unseen. This is why it is important to prepare for the future and to think ahead. In the face of the #Covid19 outbreak, it has become apparent that many privately owned American businesses did not think ahead, and were therefore unprepared. The economic fallout has arguably been more devastating than the virus itself. Individuals have been laid-off, places of business have been closed, and work hours have been severely cut. We currently have many adults sitting at home due to social distancing and shelter in place orders, with no source of income for food and other necessities. People are panicking, worrying about how much longer they can maintain their current situation without going into crushing debt. Feelings of desperation have lead some to demand the government give them money. Even the businesses themselves are demanding the government give them aid. However, the government never gives anyone anything. It does not operate in the interest of charity, but in the interest of growth and survival. It does not exist to give handouts when tough times fall upon us, it exists to make trades at all times. Do you want a standard for education? The government will oblige, with money in hand, so long as it gets to decide what that standard is and how to enforce it. Do you want free healthcare? Again, the government will make this happen, so long as it sets the tax rate. The government has sticky fingers, it will never put money in your pocket without pulling something out for itself.

So, when you ask the government to help you, whether it is in the form of money or healthcare, just keep in mind that it will expect something in return. This is important to understand because you will need to decide if what you want from them justifies giving them what they want from you.


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