Blind Hatred For The Trumps: Melania

This is a continuation of a series cataloging the hateful attitude and comments that are frequently directed toward the Trump family. This time I am taking a look at some very unpleasant and mean-spirited comments that were aimed at our First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump. She was born and raised in Slovenia and came to the states as a model, where she found much success. Melania is Donald Trump’s third wife and they have a son together, Barron. Since becoming America’s First Lady, Melania has faced extreme levels of criticism ranging from being referred to as a mere possession of President Trump’s to being complacent in her husband’s alleged mistreatment of illegal immigrants. The examples of hate that I am supplying were responses to a PSA that Melania recorded and presented on Twitter. She offered an encouraging message as well as reminders on hand-washing and ways to social distance in an effort to control the spread of the Covid-19 Corona Virus.

Many of these hateful comments fail to find fault with what she is saying in the PSA. Instead, they are attacks on her accent, her career as a model, her husband’s stance on illegal immigration, or the way she looks. There are even a couple that call her a hooker or insinuate she is nothing more than a sex object. Keep in mind that these comments are made by those who would also preach tolerance and acceptance in the next breath. These are the same people that claim to want to see women lifted up, yet here they are trying to tear one down.

I was never a fan of Barrack Obama or his wife Michelle, but when certain crowds on the Republican side of the aisle started claiming Michelle was a man, i did not join in. When they posted videos that supposedly displayed a “strange bulge” between her legs, I denounced them and chastised the attempt at slandering the woman. I do this because it is improper and cruel to make personal attacks on someone just because you dislike them or disagree with their politics. Flaws can be acknowledged without the use of slander and denigration. Calling someone a “hooker,” “squinty-eyed waste of space,” or “bought” by her husband is entirely unnecessary and cruel. If you disagree with them or their practices, then criticize their opinions and practices in a constructive way. These attempts at tearing each other down need to stop, we cannot maintain a healthy society if we continue down this road.

I ask that you keep in mind that I have never seen Melania respond to these comments, not on Twitter or in any speeches. She knows the types of things that are said about her, how could she not when so many prominent publications spew this hatred? However, she appears to handle it all with grace and dignity, which has only served to elevate her in my estimation. In fact, I believe her grace and dignity in the face of such cruelty should increase everyone’s opinion of her.


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