Blind Hatred For The Obamas: Michelle

No matter what some folks may believe, blind hatred is not limited to a specific people-group or belief system. It does not know the bounds of political parties, religions, gender, etc. It is important that we understand this because it is all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking those we disagree with are the hateful ones, when in fact, it could very well be us. During President Barrack Obama’s two terms in office, there were those in the Republican corner that pushed, and still do, the idea that Michelle Obama is really a man. The video below testifies to this crude idea. I warn you, it is 16 minutes long and the gentleman that does most of the talking, Alex Jones, is hard to listen to. However, I do believe it is important to take time to hear or read what those with an audience have to say, no matter if we agree with them or not. This is because they are helping to mold beliefs, ideas, and opinions. These are then taken out into the world and applied in helping shape our society’s values. In order to effectively counter cruel and hateful values within our society we have to first be aware of where they originate from and how deeply they are believed in. Unfortunately, that sometimes requires listening to blowhards that love the sound of their own voice a little too much.

I call the belief that Michelle Obama is a man blind hatred because, in my opinion, the suspension of reason is needed in order to buy into it. Allow me to make several points. First, I believe the argument that her shoulders are too wide for a woman that doesn’t have a chromosome issue is entirely ignorant. Across the male and female genders there is a vast spectrum of sizes, shapes, colors, and builds. When looking at Michelle, I see a woman that might have shoulders more broad than average, but certainly not conspicuously so. Her shoulders are also no more broad than some other women I have seen. One of my favorite female actresses from the classical age of cinema, Marjorie Main (pictured below), was tall and broad shouldered as well.

Second, the supposed “bulge” in her pants when she danced on the Ellen Show could have been caused by a number of things. It could have been the pants themselves simply moving, flexing, or bunching up while she danced. Perhaps she had a pocket we don’t know about. Third, she doesn’t have an Adam’s apple. What people point to when they claim she does, is nothing but her throat, simple as that. Fourth, judging by all records, she gave birth to two daughters, Malia and Sasha. I don’t think I need to explain why a man isn’t capable of accomplishing that feat. Before anyone says that Malia and Sasha could have been adopted, let me say yes, they certainly could have been. However, what other evidence is there to give this thought validity? Fifth, Barrack Obama saying, “Michael and I” during a speech when he was referring to himself and Michelle is an understandable mistake. He nearly always read from a teleprompter or prepared speech, this means he could have simply misread it and didn’t notice. After all, when speaking in public a person often has to be aware of many things and can therefore be easily distracted at times. Also to be considered is the number of times President Obama spoke publicly, mistakes were bound to be made from time-to-time.

Claiming that Michelle Obama is a man, while having no real evidence of it being true, only serves to undermine her as a wife, mother, and woman. It is pure conjecture and can be harmful to both her self-esteem and sense of identity. My belief is that this concept was born out of a dislike for her and possibly her husband, this is why it is pushed by their political detractors. This also explains why so many are willing to swallow it hook, line, and sinker despite having only circumstantial evidence. Since it was conceived, it seems to me that hatred and cruelty have fueled its growth and propelled it across social media platforms with the intent of damaging Michelle’s and Barrack’s reputations. A truly unsavory way of trying to “win” at politics.


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