QOTW: Dean Martin or Bing Crosby?

Both of these men were known for their soothing vocals and sultry songs of love. A large portion of their professional careers overlapped, and therefore fans weren’t restricted to just one of them for very long. However, if you had the opportunity to be sang to by one of these men, which one would you choose? Personally, I would go with Dean Martin. In my opinion he has kinder eyes and a more interesting voice. My decision might also be influenced by the fact I know more about Dean than I do Bing. His struggles with alcohol have helped humanize him in my eyes, making him seem more tender and vulnerable. Anyway, feel free to share your answer and any other thoughts you have on the topic in the comment section!

QotW: Would you rather have Dean Martin or Bing Crosby sing a song to you?


2 Responses to “QOTW: Dean Martin or Bing Crosby?

  • Dianne
    1 year ago

    I would choose Dean Martin. I like his voice better. I think it has a smoother quality to it and there is an “honesty” to his song delivery. Plus, it is fairly well known that Bing Crosby was not a nice man when it came to his family. That definitely affects how I feel about his singing!

    • I thought I had heard something about Bing Crosby being abusive. Dean Martin’s voice does sound smoother in my opinion as well. I envy the way both men could be so expressive with just their voices, truly a talent.


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