I am Thankful During This Pandemic

Whether you are more concerned about catching Covid19 or that the economy will be significantly damaged, there is no denying that these are tough times. Many people are falling ill, and even though it isn’t as many people as originally projected, it can be a scary thing. Also frightening is the current rate of job loss being experienced across the country. In the last month alone, my home state of Minnesota has seen 451,470 applications for unemployment benefits, which is 7.9% of the population. That brings the total for the state to over 12%, frightening indeed. However, in the face of these obstacles I have found reasons to be thankful.

My Wife’s Job

I am thankful that my wife is able to work from home during all of this because it has kept our income unchanged. This has allowed us to help support local restaurants and other businesses that are struggling in our community right now. We are also still capable of giving to our church, which is vitally important as services are currently cancelled, meaning they will receive less in contributions. Pastors and secretaries need to eat as well, you know. This also leads me into being thankful for my wife’s education, which helped to get her the position she currently occupies. It took place years ago and is easy to forget, but without it, where else might we be?

Home School

I am thankful for the time and ability I possess to teach my kids at home. We home school full-time anyway, so schools closing down in our area did not affect us in the slightest. This helped me to not feel the same level of stress that many other parents felt and continue to feel. Working parents who send their children to public or private schools have been greatly affected by the shutdown. Not only are they possibly out of work, but if they are still working they now must also account for their children’s safety while they work and find time to help teach them their subjects. Meanwhile, the parents who are out of work are dealing with uncertainty from that while now trying to manage their child’s education. I am sure the majority of parents are up to these challenges, and that many of them are finding aspects of this new reality that they enjoy, but it is still difficult to adjust to and scary to face.

My Family

I am thankful for my family, who stay in contact with me and are level-headed. None of them were panicking when Covid19 first hit stateside or when shutdowns were being implemented. Instead, they made reasonable preparations and took precautions. I speak to my mother on the phone almost daily, I see my sister frequently as I watch her daughter while she goes to work. My brother and I play video games together and chat over the headset and mic. I get daily emails from my dad as he sends out a daily Bible verse for my consideration. Their ability to be level-headed, coupled with their attempts to maintain interaction, has helped me to stay grounded as I forge forth through this storm.

My Faith

I am thankful for my faith in God. My faith reminds me that God works in all things, just like Romans 8:28 teaches. Through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for my sins, I know that the battle has already been won and that I am redeemed. This knowledge helps me to keep a proper, steady perspective as I look out my window and see what is happening across the world. The disease, death, petty politics, job loss, and stumbling economy are all unfortunate and are to be lamented. However, my faith gives me hope in what the future holds, not just in this life, but in the next one as well. This hope then gives me the strength and presence of mind to do what I can to help others during these trying times, such as using more of my income, which again is unchanged, to support struggling businesses more than I typically would.

In Closing

I know that I have not had to face many of the challenges that others have. None of my family members have been stricken with Covid19, nor have any of them lost their jobs or faced reduced hours or pay. However, I am firmly convinced that each of us can find something to be thankful for during these unfortunate times. It might be a person who has been there for you, a charitable organization, job situation, or perhaps additional time with children. So take time to see the good in what has been happening, take time to be thankful, because it could always be worse.


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