10 Benefits Of Being Short

In many ways, short people have it much easier in life. Yet, they always seem to make a big deal out of their, “limitations,” as though tall or regularly sized people are supposed to feel bad for them. Well, as a man who is married to a short woman, I am going to set the record straight. During my nearly six years of marriage I have been keeping a keen eye on my wife, taking notes on all that I observe. This diligent observation has paid off, and I am here to share my findings with you. So read on…and be enlightened!

  • They don’t have as far to go to sit down, and therefore aren’t forced to endure the uncontrollable “plop” that the rest of us deal with when trying to lower ourselves to the floor.
  • Nobody asks them to reach something on a high shelf. This saves them from back injuries due to over-reaching.
  • Blood doesn’t have to circulate as far throughout their bodies, meaning they suffer from fewer heart attacks.
  • They don’t have as far to fall when they trip, which results in fewer and less severe injuries.
  • God favors short people. This is proven by the fact oxygen sits lower in the air, allowing short folks to remain in highly-oxygenated areas longer when climbing.
  • They never have to worry about hitting their head on a doorway, resulting in a less stressful life and fewer concussions.
  • They don’t have as far to go when they bend down to pet the cat, which means they experience fewer lower back injuries. This also enables them to more readily enjoy the natural calm that comes from petting the cat, again, resulting in a less stressful life.
  • Food doesn’t have to travel as far before reaching their stomachs, thus informing them sooner that they are full. This helps to keep them from over-eating.
  • They can lay down on a couch without having to prop their feet or head up on the armrest. Obviously, this helps them maintain proper circulation.
  • They are further from the sun and therefore less likely to get sunburn.

There you have it, the benefits of being a short person. Don’t let anyone tell you different, the short people want all of this to stay a secret so they can continue getting sympathy from us normally-sized folk. I will continue observing, as I have the sneaking suspicion that there are even more benefits that I simply haven’t seen or have over-looked. If I do find more, you will be the first to know. Now, get out there and see if you notice something I don’t!


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