QOTW: Cats Or Dogs?

Dating at least all the way back to ancient Egypt, this is a seemingly age-old question. Do you prefer the company of cats, or dogs?


Cats – Are more self-sufficient, don’t need to be walked or let outside, are self-cleaning, chase mice, don’t eat as much, needs less attention, and don’t mindlessly bark at things you can’t see or hear.

Dogs – Are more welcoming, help get you outside and off your lazy butt, chases burglars, don’t need a litter box, don’t hold grudges, feces is not dangerous to pregnant women, tries to eat cats, and are loyal to the end.


Cats – Need a litter box, track kitty litter all over the house, scratches furniture and curtains, hacks up fur balls, sheds fur on everywhere, gets up on tables and counters, ambushes your legs and feet, holds a grudge, and doesn’t care whether or not they ever see you again.

Dogs – Barks at nothing, chews on furniture and shoes, needs more emotional support and attention, eats more food, tries to eat cats, and sheds hair all over everything.

I may have given it away in my list of pros and cons, but I personally prefer dogs. 🙂 Loyalty and care for my well-being go far with me, and these are traits more common in dogs than in cats. Although, I admit there are exceptions within both species.

QotW: Do you prefer cats or dogs? Why?


2 Responses to “QOTW: Cats Or Dogs?

  • Dianne
    1 year ago

    I prefer dogs for many reasons. I think they are more intelligent. They can track criminals or varmints, sniff out drugs and bombs, fetch anything you train them to fetch and they can be your eyes. They are loving and loyal. Also, I love the smell of puppy breath and dog paw pads (kinda leathery smelling). Dogs just “speak” to me in a way that cats don’t.

    • I don’t believe I enjoy dogs quite as much as you, but I can easily understand why you like them so much. Honestly speaking, there is no part of the day that I would prefer a cat over a dog. 🙂


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