QOTW: Kindle or Physical Book?

In my opinion, no other way to enjoy a good book is better than sitting in a comfortable chair, with a halogen bulb providing light, reading a physical copy of your book of choice. I like the feel and smell of the pages and the signs of character that a book develops from being handled. In my mind, reading a book on a Kindle, or some other device, simply doesn’t compare. I admit, however, that the storage space of such a device is quite impressive and can leave me slightly envious. Then again, I would rather see books lined upon my shelf than an electronic device, even if the physical books take up much more space, which always seems to be at a premium. It seems I have a more romantic view of books, but what do you think?

QotW: Do you prefer reading from a Kindle or a physical book? Are there other benefits to one of them that tips the scales?


2 Responses to “QOTW: Kindle or Physical Book?

  • Dianne
    1 year ago

    Nothing can beat reading a physical copy of a book! The feel, smell and look of the book adds enjoyment to my reading experience. However, having said that I must admit that do own a Kindle. I have hundreds of books stored on it and it is easy to carry around. I enjoy knowing that I have all kinds of books at my fingertips for my reading pleasure. I have classics that I was able to download for free on my Kindle that are very difficult to find in physical format. But, of course, I can’t access the books unless my Kindle is charged and I am not always able to do that depending upon where I am at. Also, I think that a lot of Kindle books are overpriced. The theory is that a Kindle edition is no different than a physical copy but I disagree. I can’t give away a Kindle edition or loan it to someone else for as long as I want or as often as I want. Anyway, I continue to buy both types of books but my first choice/love will always be the “real” thing:)

    • The Kindle certainly offers some advantages, such as the free editions of classics, large storage, and portability. So, for those reasons I understand people using them and if I could get my hands on one for dirt cheap I would probably use it as well. Much like you though, I don’t think a Kindle will ever replace the beauty and experience of physical book in my hands. 🙂


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