Peanut Butter, The Duct Tape Of The Kitchen

Everyone knows that duct tape is capable of fixing anything that isn’t edible or a liquid. Did your little homemaker break the broom handle when she chased you from the house after you answered honestly the question, “do these jeans make my butt look big?” Wrap some duct tape around it a few times and voila…good as new. Maybe your darling little angel broke his favorite toy while retaliating against the oppression of naptime. Well, get the duct tape, because it can surely fix it. Has the front bumper of your car been hanging a bit low ever since you, allegedly, ran down that punk teenager you are pretty sure egged your house last Halloween? Once again, grab that duct tape and get to fixing, it will get the job done. Much like duct tape can repair all types of breaks, peanut butter can solve every problem of the kitchen.

Peanut Butter Keeps Food Moist!

Perhaps you are someone who struggles to keep chicken moist while it bakes in the oven? Well, look no further for help than the peanut butter jar. You see, the oils in the peanut butter will seep into the chicken and help keep it moist while also infusing it with a wonderful nutty flavor. Don’t fret over the crusty, dry peanut butter that might be left behind on the surface of the chicken, it just adds texture. Keep in mind, if this doesn’t work it’s because you messed something up. It is never the fault of the peanut butter.

Stickiness Rules!

Perhaps you need a way to bind sprinkles to bananas, keep a waffle stack from toppling, or keep peas from rolling around your plate? So many treats and snacks that are made in the kitchen can benefit from the stickiness of peanut butter. How would those ants stay on the log without it? The answer is, they wouldn’t…they would simply tumble all over the place. Then later you would step on one and get it all over your sock, nobody wants that! The only things peanut butter might not be able to stick together are foods that are wet. This is because oil and water do not mix well, but this is the water’s fault, not the oil’s.

Peanut Butter Is The Greatest Taste Known To Mankind!

That container of left-overs in the back of the fridge looking unappetizing? Plop in a dollop or two of peanut butter, mix it in real well, and taste the magic. It doesn’t matter what you mix it with, pickles, cheese, noodles, steak, bananas, cauliflower, casserole, etc., it undeniably improves everything. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about, I’ve been eating my entire life.

Peanut butter is both salty and sweet, both thick and creamy, it is a wonderful amalgamation of superb ingredients. The base is oil, which enables it to flavorize other foods more thoroughly than something water based. Plus, it leaves a tantalizing residue behind on the lips. This is yet another benefit to using peanut butter, as your significant other will come around for an extra kiss or two just for the taste of it.

Do you now see why I have Christened peanut butter the “duct tape of the kitchen?” If you still refuse to extol the virtues of it, perhaps these comments will sway you.


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