Minnesota Proposal Would Force Furlough On Government Employees

Minnesota Representative Linda Runbeck proposed a bill on 5/4/20 that would force state employees to take one week per month of unpaid furlough. Apparently, this is because the state is not making as much money due to shelter in place orders keeping small businesses closed and workers at home. It seems to me that this is a case of government creating a problem and then forcing citizens to pay for it. Since the issuance of shelter in place orders, a record number of Minnesotans have filed for unemployment benefits. However, since shelter in place orders keep workers from earning an income, and therefore paying into welfare programs, the state has less funds to help those who are struggling.

The bill, HF 4628, that Rep. Linda Runbeck has proposed would only serve to further restrict the state’s income. Remember, without citizens making money, the state doesn’t make money. What Runbeck also fails to consider is that many government employees, such as social workers, play a vital role in helping those who are currently struggling. Under HF 4628, these workers would be required to do the same amount of work with less time, which could greatly affect children in abusive homes, disabled individuals that need services, etc.

The shelter in place order has helped create a problem of lack of funds, but the solution to that problem is not further restricting those funds at the expense of the well-being of tax payers.


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