QotW: Luke or Rey?

With the third trilogy in the Star Wars saga now over, I thought it would be interesting to see which protagonist people favored. They each have a similar background and end up surrounded by a similar supporting cast, but who was better? Who was a more interesting character? I prefer Luke Skywalker over Rey. In my opinion he had to dig deeper and overcome more, and I enjoyed seeing his progression as a Jedi. Though, I admit, he was a bit whiney at times and, at least in my eyes, he doesn’t beat out Rey by a wide margin.

QotW: Which character do you prefer, Luke Skywalker or Rey?


2 Responses to “QotW: Luke or Rey?

  • Dianne
    1 year ago

    I prefer Rey. I like the fact that she has an instinctual knowledge of the Force, that they chose to have a strong female Jedi, that she didn’t want to be a part of things in the beginning. Also, she had many obstacles to overcome. Her upbringing; she was sold into slavery and was waiting for her parents to come back and rescue her. She had to work for her daily food. Luke grew up in a steady, secure environment. He lacked scrappiness and was way to whiney. Rey surpassed Luke’s knowledge of the Force. She had to put up with Luke’s whining when she met him. My response isn’t very orderly but hopefully you get the drift if it:)

    • Sacrilege! Just kidding, after watching the original trilogy over the weekend I realized it isn’t necessarily leagues better than the other offerings. In fact, I came to realize that none of the Skywalker Saga is all that deep or nuanced…and neither are the characters. That being said, I still prefer Luke over Rey because we see him lose and have to overcome challenges. It seems to me that Rey doesn’t really lose at any point in her movies. This could be chalked up to her being extremely gifted in the use of the Force, which is fine. However, it just doesn’t make for an interesting character or story to me. After watching the original trilogy I found myself like Leia more than I previously did. I know that doesn’t really matter in this discussion, but I just found it interesting.


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