QotW: Where Will You Go First?

Most states in America issued lockdown orders of some kind. This means most Americans have had to deal with their movements being restricted to some degree. I visit Wal-Mart about once per week and stop by a restaurant for a curbside pick-up at about the same rate. This got me wondering what people will do first when they finally have their full movements available to them again. I think my first visit will be a comic book store, partly because my interest in comics has been rekindled and partly because I know comic shops have been hit hard during these lockdowns. That being said, my first visit may also end up being church because I don’t really get out much.

QotW: Where will you go first when your lockdown restrictions are lifted?


2 Responses to “QotW: Where Will You Go First?

  • Dianne
    1 year ago

    It will either be church or a hair salon. I haven’t had my hair trimmed in 6 months!

    • Being that I buzz my own hair, I easily forget how important a hair salon might be for some people! Perhaps you could just plop a bowl on your head and cut around it? I hear bowl cuts are always in fashion. 😉


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