Tim Walz, Governor of Minnesota, Is Inept

A healthy society takes care of the most vulnerable of its members, young children, the disabled, and the elderly. A good leader also seeks to protect the most vulnerable under his charge. Yet, here in Minnesota, during much of the Covid-19 pandemic, Governor Tim Walz has failed to do this. Instead, he has placed many elderly residents of Minnesota directly in the path of the virus. He achieved this grisly reality by authorizing the practice of allowing infected patients to return to long-term care facilities.

Even before his order, it was evident that the elderly were the most susceptible to the virus. He claims it was a good move because we need to keep as many hospital beds open as possible. This is because experts believed our hospitals would be inundated with Covid-19 patients. Yet, this never really happened. However, what did happen were the deaths of hundreds of elderly people. In fact, 949 of Minnesota’s 1,186 Covid-19 deaths have been elderly residents of long-term care facilities. All because of an inept and irresponsible decision by Governor Tim Walz.

Early on, evidence suggested it was unlikely that our hospitals were going to face the numbers of Covid patients that were originally predicted. Even if they did, how does it make sense to return Covid-positive residents to their long-term care facilities when we already knew the elderly were most susceptible? Gov. Walz dropped the ball, big time, and he is refusing to take responsibility for his foolishness. I want a society that looks after the weakest members, I want a leader that prioritizes protecting the most vulnerable. It seems to me, that means I don’t want Tim Walz for governor.


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