Four Of My Favorite Authors

My literary interests vary greatly and include many different authors. I enjoy reading classics, mysteries, adventure, fantasy, and historical books. Given my wide-ranging interests, I have read books by many different authors. However, there are some writers I find myself consistently drawn back to. These are the authors I consider to my “favorites.” How could they not be when I find myself reaching for their books just because I see their names on the spines?

Please keep in mind that I am far from being an insightful critic of the written word. I do not pretend to have exceptional perception or great understanding of these authors. Merely, I wish to share some of my favored authors in an attempt to promote further reading for all of you. Within my little blurb about each of them I have included a link that leads to that author’s Amazon kindle page in case anyone wishes to pursue some reading.

Charles Dickens

Widely regarded as one of the greatest authors of all-time, Charles Dickens is certainly one of my favorites. Books of his I have read include, Great Expectations, A Christmas Carol, and Nicholas Nickleby. I have been trying to work my way through Little Dorrit, but I have been distracted by other interests. My favorite of his books I have read so far is Great Expectations. Though, I will not attempt to explain why, as I am not entirely sure myself. Suffice it to say that I found characters humorous, interesting, saddening, and heartwarming. Some may find his writing strange or awkward, but I find it most pleasing. It is my opinion that most people who give it a chance will find themselves used to it with the first few chapters. There is good reason why so many of his stories are still produced today. No library, personal or otherwise, is complete without a couple titles by Charles Dickens.

Stephen R. Lawhead

Of his collection, I have read The Iron Lance and the King Raven Trilogy (Hood, Scarlet, and Tuck). It seems to me that most modern novels aren’t written to the same standard as the classics. Modern books usually seem to be written in a more…lightweight style. It is difficult for me to describe or put my finger on exactly why they come across this way to me. However, when reading the Stephen R. Lawhead books I have read, they reminded me of the classics. The detail, writing style, and pacing of The Iron Lance especially hearkened back to the days of old. I have added other Stephen R. Lawhead novels to my will-read list and I highly recommend that others do the same.

Brian Jacques

I have read more Brian Jacques books than I have of any other author’s. This is largely due to the fact his books were written for older teens and young adults. They are therefore easier to read, which allows me to read them more quickly. Of his books, I have read nearly every title in his Redwall collection, which spans over twenty novels. They are fanciful, adventuresome, reads full of colorful characters and wild plots. I especially like how he includes highland rogues and stuffy British military officers…all complete with appropriate dialects and mannerisms.

Jane Austen

When it comes to Jane Austen, I have only read Pride and Prejudice and Emma. Yet, the way she writes and develops her characters and stories made a great impression on me. I like the subtlety of her wit and her willingness to have her main characters experience growth. By the end of their respective stories, both Elizabeth Bennet and Emma Woodhouse have undergone a drastic change of maturity and understanding. This stands out to me because so many modern stories seem to treat their main characters as untouchable or perfect, and that just isn’t interesting to me. In my opinion, Jane Austen is a must for anyone who claims to be a fan of reading, period.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I had to say about each of these talented writers. Since I think books are superior to movies, television, and videogames as story-telling devices, posting about my favorite authors is going to be more regular. My next list will likely include a writer that is quite unexpected, so stay tuned!


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