Ilhan Omar’s Hypocrisy

Ilhan Omar is the Representative of Minnesota’s 5th District. She recently expressed support of alleged indigenous people tearing down a statue of Christopher Columbus. Her claim is that they were “taking down monuments to their own oppression.” I find that remark to be particularly interesting due to Ilhan’s refusal to denounce terrorist organizations such as ISIS, al-Shabab, and Al-Qaeda. These terrorist groups are responsible for oppressing hundreds of thousands of people. She has also refused to denounce Sharia Law and female genital mutilation…despite describing herself as an “intersectional feminist.” Sharia Law forces a woman to provide four eye-witnesses to prove she was raped. Even then, the woman is still punished, sometimes with death, yet the man who raped her is not.

Ilhan Omar even praised her god, Allah, after the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi. More recently she has insinuated that critics of her extra-marital affair with Tim Mynett be flogged and has expressed happiness at the difficulties of Americans during the pandemic. It should be noted that Omar denied ever having an affair with Mynett. However, soon after both were successfully divorced from their spouses, they married each other.

I bring these things up because I believe many of my fellow Minnesotans have refused to see the dangers of Ilhan Omar. They seem to believe there is no real chance Sharia Law could come to America or that it isn’t as bad as others believe. Minnesotans are becoming complacent and overly focused on being “inclusive.” While they pat themselves on the back for being so accepting and tolerant, they slowly allow their state and country to work toward its own demise.


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