QotW: Arwen or Eowyn?

I have been watching the Lord of the Rings movies with my kids over the last few days. Personally, I never cared much for any of the romantic relationship storylines. They mess with the pacing of the movies and seem out of place. Arwen was never all that interesting in my eyes and I find Eowyn to be a bit too pushy. However, if I had to pick one of them for Aragorn, I think I would choose Eowyn. Yes, she is pushy, so strongly wanting to fight in the battles like the men do that she fails to see how her people need her in other ways. Yet, she also shows a more light-hearted side that Arwen never displayed. I think Aragorn, with the pressures of his royal bloodline, could certainly benefit from Eowyn’s laughter and friendly demeanor. It could help keep him grounded. What do you think?

QotW: Who do you prefer for Aragorn, Arwen or Eowyn? Why?

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2 Responses to “QotW: Arwen or Eowyn?

  • I prefer Eowyn. Arwen is too wishy washy…sticky gooey…yuck! I like the fact that Eowyn has the heart of a warrior but at the same time she is all woman. If it wasn’t for Eowyn the bad guy wouldn’t have been defeated. I think she served her people in the way that was most needed at that time.

    • I used to think Eowyn was selfish, and I suppose one could still make the case she is, and that is why she decided to go against what her uncle wanted from her. He wanted her to lead their people because he figured he wouldn’t survive the final battle. Going against his wishes she risked her life as well, both of them dying would have left their people without a leader. However, after watching through the trilogy this last time I found myself seeing her differently. Also, by going into the final battle she made herself available to kill the Witch King, which no man can do. I took this as an illustration of how women are better suited than men when it comes to solving certain problems. Anyway, I also like the fact she doesn’t compromise her womanhood while being a warrior.


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