The World’s Greatest Artist

The other day I was driving along a winding highway, as I typically try to avoid interstates. They just seem to lack character, if that makes any sense. Anyway, as I was driving along this winding highway, rain clouds were gathering in the distance. Their color and shape, a wispy clump of smudged charcoal, contrasted sharply against the blue sky and fluffy, pillow-like clouds that were over my head. Add to this, the horizon line, sporadically broken by grain silos, farmhouses, and trees. It was a beautiful sight. One that, in my opinion, can never be equaled by the skills of man or woman.

The hand of God painted it for me and whoever else happened to take the time to appreciate it. Only He is capable of conceiving such beauty and contrast from nothingness. We humans can only make things using what God has created. Our shapes, colors, emotions, ideas, etc. are all predicated upon and influenced by what He has already created from pure emptiness. Nobody uses God’s creation better than God Himself. That is why I consider God to be the worlds greatest artist.


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