Opinions are essential to the development of thought, and are therefore essential to the development of society. Without them, we would be much more hollow, more thoughtless, without opinion we are less capable of taking action. This is why propaganda has been such a focal point for politicians seeking to take control of their respective governments or societies. If the perspective, or opinion, of the people can be controlled, then the individual seeking power will find the road more smoothly paved. We are living in a world which is obsessed with cults of personality. Celebrities and political pundits have had their voices amplified to the nth degree, largely by social media. This has resulted in a growing number of people adopting the ideas and thoughts of these celebrities and pundits as their own instead of thinking through to their own conclusions. It is my desire to combat this by reestablishing the practice of forming one’s own opinions. This website is my attempt at promoting this mission. I urge readers to not simply take my thoughts, beliefs, or opinions as the end-all be-all. Rather, examine what I say, look for contradictions, errors in logic or reasoning, and then decide whether or not you agree with me or think me a fool.

For those who may want to know more about me, I hold a bachelors degree in psychology that I have never put to professional use. Most of my life has been spent in being highly critical of others, often-times unjustifiably so. In recent years my heart and mind have been softened toward others due to slamming my head against the walls of my own failures. This has helped me to see others more clearly than I previously could, whether I like them as individuals or not. Individuality, what an important concept to understand and perceive! We are all individuals, no matter which political party, religion, nation, culture, etc., we associate with. It is fast becoming a novel idea, but that can be reversed if we ply our minds in honest, objective ways, free of falling victim to the cults of personality. It all begins with forming our own opinions.