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    Devaluing Life

    Gone are the days of abortion advocates claiming that what is being destroyed by an abortion is just a “clump of cells.” There can be no more arguing about the “viability” of an unborn baby’s life. Democrats just voted against legislation that would have protected infants born alive after an attempted abortion. A baby, living, breathing outside the womb can…

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    An Opportunity For Democrats To Show Some Heart

    On Monday, February 25th, the United States Senate will be voting on legislation brought forth by Nebraska Representative, Ben Sasse. The Bill he is presenting is the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.” It will protect babies that are born alive after an attempted abortion, requiring doctors and nurses to do whatever possible to ensure the baby lives. Just a few…

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    True Humility

    There is no denying that the idea of humbling ourselves often puts a bad taste in our mouths. We like to think we are pretty good people and that we are usually right. When I stop to consider this, something about it seems odd to me. Here I am, nothing special by secular standards, finding it difficult to humble myself…

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    March For Life

    The March for Life is the largest annual social activist event in America. Each year over a hundred thousand #ProLife Americans march on the nation’s capitol to show their support of an unborn baby’s right to life. What was originally meant as a one-time protest has blossomed into a full-fledged movement. The original March for Life was held on January…

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    Social Media, Good Or Bad?

    Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Gab, Instagram, Reddit, Disqus, YouTube, and Tumblr are just a few of the most popular social media sites and apps available to us. A user can post their thoughts, opinions, pictures, and more for the whole world to see with just a few taps of their fingers. Never before has such accessibility to others been possible for…

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    Compromise Not Required

    I cannot count how many times compromise has been preached to me through a movie, television show, song, or book. Growing up in public school, teachers constantly told me that compromise was always the best option. It seems people consider compromise to be the duct tape of relational problems, capable of fixing anything. Is it really, though? Is compromise always…

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    Using Your Talents And Skills For Others

    I recently helped my sister move some furniture out of her apartment and it got me thinking about how we use our talents. Granted, carrying heavy and awkward things around may not require much talent. Yet, nonetheless, it got me thinking about it. What would be the benefit to our society if we all used our talents more for others…

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    Time Outdoors Can Boost Health

    In our society today, many jobs require us to keep our butts in swivel chairs as we work beneath fluorescent lights. A large portion of these jobs demand the use of a computer as well. This keeps our eyes firmly glued to a screen and our wrists perched on a keyboard for long periods of time. Considering the average person…

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    Gluttony, It Isn’t Just About Eating

    When I think of gluttony, I nearly always think of people eating too much. Even the 1995 movie, Seven, depicts gluttony in this way. Yet, it isn’t just about eating too much. In reality we can be gluttons regarding anything. The phrase, “glutton for punishment” helps to remind us of this fact. There are a few specific areas that I…