• Variety of food on plates
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    Strange Food Combinations

    Have you ever seen someone mix two or more food items with each other and think “how in the world do those go together?” Or perhaps you have heard of a well established recipe that sounded utterly unappealing. Well, chances are pretty good that we have all experienced one of those situations. It is also likely that each of us…

  • Green, orange, and red leaves
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    The Privilege of all Four Seasons

    Living in Minnesota, I have the benefit of experiencing all four seasons in their truest forms. Summer is hot (sometimes dry and sometimes humid), fall is quite cool, windy, and hosts a great deal of changing colors, winter is frigidly cold, blustery, and boasts an abundance of snow, and spring is perfectly lively, vibrant, and comfortably warm. Who could possibly…

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    NBA Players Have More Control Than Ever

    Traditionally, when an NBA player was signed or drafted by a team, they were likely to stick with that team until they weren’t wanted anymore. In recent years that has changed, now players have more power than ever when it comes to deciding who they play for and when . This level of influence has been slowly progressing over many…

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    No Home is Perfect

    I am currently attempting to find a place in my house to hang a shelf I just finished building. This shelf was originally made to fit in a specific area, but it now must find a new home. The tricky aspect of this venture is that it is quite difficult to locate studs in my house. Our home was built…

  • Raindrops on window with lights shining
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    The Joy of Rain

    For many people, a rainy day is a “droopy” and depressing day. However, for some of us, a rainy day has a more pleasing affect on our moods. We might feel invigorated, with new energy coursing through our veins or perhaps a more calming, content frame of mind. I myself am of the calm and contented variety when rain is…

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    Demarcus Cousins

    During this 2018 NBA offseason the Goldenstate Warriors signed center Demarcus Cousins to a contract worth about $5 million dollars a year. This signing caused many in the basketball community to throw up their hands and emphatically declare “Goldenstate just broke the NBA!” Demarcus Cousins is widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best, centers in all…

  • Man using wood lathe
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    My Challenge With Woodworking

    A couple of months before the summer of 2015 my wife and I decided to start homeschooling our then three children. Due to my lower earning potential and my wife’s greater desire to work, I was selected to be the one to stay home and oversee the education of our kids. I suddenly had more downtime on my hands as…

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    A Second Chance

    I stopped watching professional basketball a few years ago, I even stopped checking basketball news online. One of the biggest factors in my decision to stop was the seemingly ever-expanding egos of it’s players. However, upon further reflection I have gradually begun to expose myself to the NBA once more. You see, I came to the realization that many of…

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    Something Old, Something New

    I have never had my own blog or website before. However, whether they were reasonable or not, I have always had my own opinions. So I decided to combine my prolific experience in forming and expressing my opinions with my inexperience in owning and operating a website. Hopefully I will learn plenty of new and exciting skills while also honing…