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    Social Media, Good Or Bad?

    Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Gab, Instagram, Reddit, Disqus, YouTube, and Tumblr are just a few of the most popular social media sites and apps available to us. A user can post their thoughts, opinions, pictures, and more for the whole world to see with just a few taps of their fingers. Never before has such accessibility to others been possible for…

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    Compromise Not Required

    I cannot count how many times compromise has been preached to me through a movie, television show, song, or book. Growing up in public school, teachers constantly told me that compromise was always the best option. It seems people consider compromise to be the duct tape of relational problems, capable of fixing anything. Is it really, though? Is compromise always…

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    Using Your Talents And Skills For Others

    I recently helped my sister move some furniture out of her apartment and it got me thinking about how we use our talents. Granted, carrying heavy and awkward things around may not require much talent. Yet, nonetheless, it got me thinking about it. What would be the benefit to our society if we all used our talents more for others…

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    Time Outdoors Can Boost Health

    In our society today, many jobs require us to keep our butts in swivel chairs as we work beneath fluorescent lights. A large portion of these jobs demand the use of a computer as well. This keeps our eyes firmly glued to a screen and our wrists perched on a keyboard for long periods of time. Considering the average person…

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    Gluttony, It Isn’t Just About Eating

    When I think of gluttony, I nearly always think of people eating too much. Even the 1995 movie, Seven, depicts gluttony in this way. Yet, it isn’t just about eating too much. In reality we can be gluttons regarding anything. The phrase, “glutton for punishment” helps to remind us of this fact. There are a few specific areas that I…

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    The Truth About Planned Parenthood

    The issue of abortion has been permeating our society more and more each year. No matter where you stand on the topic there is no denying that many people feel strongly one way or the other. At the center of much debate regarding this issue is Planned Parenthood. There seem to be many people who are under the impression that…

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    Soft-Racism of Low Expectations

    There are many people that insist America is more racist now than ever before. They claim that we have institutionalized racism, which we have…but not in the ways they think. Affirmative action is institutionalized racism. It gets racial minorities jobs based on the color of their skin. Back when minorities didn’t have the same opportunities as whites this would have…

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    Twitter Needs Competition

    In recent weeks Twitter has come under fire from conservatives and libertarians due to political profiling and censorship of non-liberal views. One of the biggest cases is that of Laura Loomer, a journalist from Minnesota. She was recently banned from Twitter for the rest of her life. Loomer was banned due to a tweet that Twitter moderators claim violates their…

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    Watching Porn Supports Human Trafficking

    I recently looked into the relationship between pornography and human trafficking, I was not surprised or shocked by what I discovered… The relationship starts exactly the way I thought it would, the desensitization of regular porn viewers. When we experience something many times over, the effect that something has on us slowly weakens because we have experienced it so many…