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    God, on When Life Begins and its Innate Value

    When listening to politicians and thought-leaders discuss abortion, we hear a lot of differing opinions. Some of these opinions are educated and others are not, some might be based in scientific fact while others are strictly based in personal experience. It seems that no matter what, everyone has some insight to share. However, there is one important source of insight…

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    The Midwest, Abortion, And Polling Data

    Every May, an analytics company, Gallup, releases a poll of where Americans all across the country stand on abortion. This is part of their Values and Beliefs series, which is in turn part of their Gallup Poll Social Series. Along with ages, education levels, political affiliation, gender, and religious service attendance, region is also considered in the polling data. When…

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    Phoenicians, Ammonites, and Canaanites, A Warning For Today

    The Phoenicians were a loosely connected people that existed in Old Testament times, they inhabited the land of Canaan from about 1550 BC to 300 BC. They worshipped a god called Moloch (also called Molech, Milcom, Milkim, Molek, and Malik). Other peoples that worshipped Moloch were the Ammonites and Canaanites, who also lived in the land of Canaan. There is…

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    Didn’t Consent To Pregnancy?

    The arguments in support of abortion are numerous and vary greatly in terms of how grounded they are. Some of them make sense to a degree and then others outright defy logic. In the last few weeks I have come upon a certain argument for abortion with increasing regularity. It is usually used by those who describe themselves as feminists…

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    Volunteering At A MCCL Fair Booth

    Earlier this summer I volunteered to man the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) booth at my local county fair. I decided to do this because I think it is important to get involved with the issues we feel strongly about. In my case, I strongly believe that abortion is the murder of an innocent human being and is therefore…

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    Abortion Workers Are Not Our Enemy, Sin Is

    Oftentimes, on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Gab, and Parler, I see pro-life enthusiasts expressing hate and ill-wishes for abortion workers. It seems that these people identify those involved with the abortion industry as targets for their indignation. This concept is easy for me to understand because I often look for targets to lash out at when I…

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    A Weak Argument For Abortion

    During my adventures on Twitter, Disqus, Gab, and comment sections on many different websites I have come across numerous arguments for abortion. One of the most common arguments I have seen is that due to the fetus’ dependence on the mother for survival it cannot be considered a viable human life. I find this position to be logically untenable. If…

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    Sarah’s Abortion Story

    This week’s post is written by Sarah St. Onge, one of the many women who have received an abortion and regretted it. I asked her if she would be willing to share a portion of her story because I think it is a good example of what motivates so many women to stand against abortion. It also shows that there…